Twitter Online Marketing


Social media marketing, including Twitter is the use of social networking sites to promote a company’s services to the public through the use of social media platforms. This can be accomplished by creating an account on each site and purchasing paid advertisements when available.


Twitter is one ideal platform for social media marketing for companies. Like Facebook, Twitter is a highly populated social networking site with millions of user’s worldwide and frequent content.

Twitter allows 140 characters or less per post but also permits users to attached pictures or external links within each post published. While Twitter is an effective social media site for businesses when content is being frequently updated, other sites in unison should be updated as well to ensure online synergy.

At Top Marketing Agency, we have an experienced and highly competitive team of experts in all internet and social media marketing, including Twitter. We incorporate our clients’ core principles and values into everything we do.

With Twitter as platform for social media marketing, we can create and manage a company’s account or perform paid advertisements through promoted tweets. Call us today at 888-843-9840 to begin seeing your social media marketing needs addressed efficiently and efficiently through Twitter.



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