Display Behavioral AdvertisingWhat is Behavioral Targeting?

Behavioral targeting is a technique to advertise to customers based on their individual web-browsing and online purchase behavior. This process has been more efficient than traditional display ad campaigns, due to the fact that the campaign targets consumers who are specifically interested in the service or product your company offers (In-Market Buyers). Therefore, behavioral targeted marketing campaigns have a stronger likelihood of increasing lead conversion.

How Does It Really Work?

Behavioral targeting involves monitoring how someone browses the internet, from the keywords the customer searches for, the types of sites the customer visits and recent purchases the customer has made.  We obtain this valuable information through cookies in website browsers, which store details of website visits and searches.  Through these cookies, an individual is placed into groups with similar interests. This makes it easy for us to target specific groups of people whose interests are directly related to the products or services that you offer.

What are the Benefits?

Behavioral targeting is favored by our marketing team because it ensures that your advertising campaign is directed to an individual’s immediate interest. This increases chances of user engagement, actual interaction, higher click-through rates and increased lead conversions.

In addition to the direct benefits from increased engagement, you also acquire thousands of banner ad impressions throughout the web.  Who can build your brand and reputation better than current in-market customers looking for your services and products? Given the multiple advantages of behavioral targeting campaigns, we believe this is an ideal way to reach customers.  Our behavioral marketing campaigns find the right customer at the right time.

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