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A lot of webmasters and internet marketers are constantly working on SEO, because SEO is constantly changing with 100’s of factors affecting how search engines rank your website. Since Google has recently expanded its local search and now commonly shows local results even without the city listed in in the search (e.g. “flowers” vs. “flowers Seattle”), the local searches that are being made about a business’s services can easily boost the performance of business with additional traffic, website conversions, and sales.

Seattle, Los Angeles, or Philadelphia are good examples of cities where online competition between small businesses is quite high. In large cities and metropolitan areas, there is naturally more competition, but there is still the same amount of real-estate space on the first page of the search results.  In addition, consumers are wiser these days—where an average consumer will research information about a company, a product, or a service before committing to pay for anything. This is why search engine optimization of websites for local searches is so important to the success of local businesses.  If your business serves a specific geographical area, you should be conducting local SEO to help your business not only grow but to also retain its market share.

SEO companies that perform local search engine optimization for businesses, commonly focus on many major aspects for success.  In fact, there are over 200 algorithm factors that Google uses to rank websites, and that algorithm is changing daily, so retaining the best results is no easy task. Other factors contribute as well, like keyword research, on-page optimization, Google Places, and Mobile Site creation–a good SEO agency should be able to mention these and have a clear understanding of the most updated changes to SEO and rankings, as well as create a long term plan to help your company obtain top results.

If you will be doing the optimization yourself, there are lots of things that would need to be covered–100′s of factors changing daily.  SEO requires a very high level of attention to detail, because if you mess up, you can also hurt your site’s rankings with a Google Penalty that can affect a single page or your entire website.

A good place to start for any business is to set up a business profile on Google + local page. The name of the nearest city should be included in the address for search engine queries, and it’s easier for your website to appear on the local SERPs if the address is specific. Make sure that your contact info has been checked and updated. Be sure to choose the category for your business when submitting the profile. When adding content to your page, a good mixture of photos and videos is recommended.

Google Places should be approached with great care. The inclusion of a business on its pages does not automatically mean high visibility on local searches. There are hundreds of similar business competing for the top spots, so it will take great effort to outshine the others. There are local directories, too, including Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Online Yellow pages, and many more that can be tapped for local search visibility.

Small businesses actually have better chances of succeeding in the local market, when they put together the right SEO strategy, so picking the right team is imperative.  Investing on Local Search optimization services by a qualified SEO company or agency is a thing that should never be set aside—especially when planning a business launch or simply trying to boost sales in the local market.  If you would like to see if Local SEO is right for your business, feel free to Contact Us for a Free SEO Consultation.



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