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Social Media Marketing

The strategy of social media advertisements across sites including Facebook is called social paid advertising. Social Paid advertising allows businesses to target their audience directly through the use of filters such as age, location, and interests. This technique is extremely effective and affordable which provides proven results.

Social paid advertising is effective because:

  • Social media sites have the power of numbers. Millions of people visit web pages and use social media sites daily. A simple paid ad could enjoy bigger exposure to its target client markets. When you post a comment on your Facebook page, all 3,000 of your friends may see it. The friends of your friends might share it and the number of people who will see that post will grow exponentially. Imagine what happens when this is applied in advertising.
  • Businesses can target specific client markets using social media sites. People choose the social media site they use. Younger age brackets use Facebook while the more mature ones are on Tagged. Business-oriented individuals use LinkedIn and those who are casual use Twitter. We can adjust the paid ads that we post on these sites as needed. Only relevant and interested customers will click to encourage a higher conversion rate and lower bounce rates.
  • Many materials on the web are referenced to social media sites. Being led to a social media site means that people have a greater chance of seeing the ads that you have posted.
  • Trending happens quickly in social media. If the recently posted ad about your business “goes viral,” the millions of views or clicks it gets also mean increased business. Individuals who use Facebook or Twitter tend to easily believe what they see on the pages of those sites and they share it. The shares that could happen in an hour or a day could reach colossal figures.
  • Social media sites now charge advertising fees. You have probably seen the “PROMOTE” button on the posting page of Facebook. If you want to advertise your post, you pay Facebook for it.

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