At Top Marketing Agency, we always stay on top of today’s technologies and search engine optimization regulations and updates. Due to the constantly updating landscape and growing consumer expectations throughout the internet, we strive to develop tools that help to make our clients’ internet presence stronger.

Free SEO Audit Tool

Our FREE SEO Audit Tool allows you to test and score your website SEO. A score of 50 or above is good and a score above 60 is really good. Whether you need help getting your website to the top of the major search engines or you have some specific SEO challenges that need to be addressed, give us a call and one of our SEO experts would be happy to help!Click Here To Use Our Free SEO Audit Tool

Call Tracking

Our call tracking tool allows you to us local or digital phone numbers, enabling you to measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords. You can enable call recording, to record calls and make it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff and improve customer service.Learn More About Call Tracking

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard ReportingDashboard Reporting developed by Top Marketing Agency allows our clients to track progress from all major websites, profiles, and incoming calls through one seamless dashboard.

Easy to read and navigate, Dashboard Reporting joins all data throughout the web into one single repository.

Track all your main services from web traffic to email marketing statistics.Learn More About Dashboard Reporting

Review Tracking

Knowing what is being said on the internet about a company can allow the business to enact damage control and correct negative or inaccurate information as needed. The fact is, that there are countless review sites throughout the internet today, and monitoring what is being said on all of them can be a full time job.

Top Review Tracking compiles all reviews from internet review sites onto one program where clients can easily receive notifications and review information that is being posted about their business. A reputation that takes years to build can be compromised by a single negative review, legitimate or not. Protect your online reputation and see what others are saying about you.Learn More Review Tracking

Responsive Website Testing Tool

Does your business have a responsive website? If you are not sure, or are not familiar with what a responsive website is, you could potentially be losing out on customers and not even be aware. A responsive website formats automatically to adjust to any screen size that your website is being viewed on. Without a responsive web design, customers who view your website may not be able to view or find the information they need, causing them to look elsewhere to a competitor.

With most consumers browsing for services on the go using a cell phone or tablet device, it is essential to make sure that your website is formatted properly across all devises.Learn More About Our Responsive Website Testing Tool

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