What is Remarketing and is it right for your business?

One of the most important factors regarding website traffic is the conversion rate of website viewers into actual buyers. Statistics reveal that only 3% of web page viewers are likely to purchase from a website when visited for the first time.

Despite a non-purchase during the first visit, if a business finds plausible online tactics to bring these previous website viewers back to their site, there is a far better chance of a purchase made the second time. This is where a remarketing promotion proves beneficial.

The remarketing campaigns at Top Marketing Agency target your company’s previous website visitors after they have visited your site.  It is a tactic that enables you to re-engage your audience and pull visitors back into the website for another chance at converting the visit into a lead or prospect. This strategy helps your company make the most of each visit by staying the in the “top of mind awareness” for customers who are still researching their options.  Because of the repetitive nature of seeing your company’s products and services, your website visitors are more likely to revisit your website and convert to a lead.Remarketing

What are the benefits of Remarketing?

One benefit of remarketing is converting the 97% of viewers who were not converted into buyers during their first visit. With remarketing, the chances for these 97% to become a company’s buyer increase at a 125% rate. A business can generate substantial income and revenue with this simple marketing technique. This online tactic is formulated in a way that potential buyers are reminded that your company is the expert and increases your company’s “top of mind awareness” throughout the buying process.

Since remarketing campaigns are only presented to consumers who have previously viewed a web page, we make the most of every visit to your website. This makes it easier for companies to reinstate interest to visitors that have already shown initial attention and to keep your company in mind throughout the buying process.

Remarketing strategy generates advertisements that appear on your visitors’ favored web pages on thousands of websites.  When you hire us to remarket your company, we will target potential customers who have already visited your website and help you increase your overall website conversion.

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