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Increase the quantity and quality of visitors to your site with TopRetargeting. Ninety eight percent of first-time visitors to websites don’t take action,2 but when those visitors are retargeted with relevant banner ads while visiting other sites, they are 70% more likely to return and convert on your site.

Increase Engagement & Qualified Leads with Retargeting.

Boost Conversions

Drive previous visitors and potential customers back to your site with powerful banner ads with strong calls to action.

Reach New Audiences

Find new prospects who match the characteristics and online behavior of your recent visitors and target your advertisements with more precision.

Stay Top of Mind

Accelerate brand awareness with banner ads that appear for your repeat site visitors so you remain top of mind throughout their buying journey.

Highlight Special Offers

Stand out from the competition with an enticing offer or exclusive event for your prospects as they move through their buying journey.

Elevate Marketing Results

Combine retargeting with your other marketing channels like paid search and social media advertising to drive
additional site visits and boost overall conversions.

TopDisplay TopRetargeting

Experience the power of Retargeting and give your website leads a boost.

  • iconSite RetargetingRemind recent website visitors of your brand with enticing banner ads that drive traffic back to your site for re-engagement.
  • iconSite Retargeting with LookalikesContinue to reach previous website visitors and others with retargeting ads on desktop, mobile and in-app. Additionally, leverage the audience profile of those visitors to reach and retarget more “lookalike” visitors to your site.
  • iconSearch & Site RetargetingTarget audiences who have visited your site or have searched for keywords pertinent to your business. Reaching this audience with a targeted, relevant essage can help in expediting the buying journey.
  • iconDisplay Creative Service*Take your ads to the next level by working with our expert designers to create engaging ads that have been proven to generate awareness and boost conversion.

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