The Importance of Website Hosting & Server Security

The Importance of Website Hosting & Server Security

February 1, 2017
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Website Hosting & Server SecurityWhile it is certainly important to save money whenever possible as you run your business, there are some areas where it simply doesn’t pay to skimp on the best. One of these is your web host. A hosting service should offer a good price for the most bandwith and options for internet security that are affordable and reliable. Evaluate these security options when selecting your web host to ensure that you get the most for your money:

  • A datacenter that is secure. Since your data is stored in a physical location, that area should not be prone to natural disasters and must incorporate the use of backup power generators, in case the worst should occur. Onsite security should be a priority to prevent hackers.
  • SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol utilizes encryption methodologies to make certain that hackers are unable to access and read your files. SFTP is more reliable than FTP.
  • A quality web host will conduct regular maintenance on their service, in addition to upgrades, to guarantee safety.
  • Web visitors must be able to access your site whenever they need to; this is called “uptime.” While there are occasions that uptime is simply not possible due to network congestion or power failure, also known as “downtime,” these situations should be kept to a minimum.
  • Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that your site will not crash or be hacked. However, a site host that has preventive measures in place in advance can help restore your site and your files with a minimum of inconvenience. Inquire about backup schedules when looking into a particular web hosting service.

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