Reputation Management

Studies show that 80% of today’s consumers are influenced by reviews they read online. Top Marketing Agency can help you monitor and control what they find.

Star Rating Is The #1 Factor Used By Consumers to Judge a Business


Now more than ever, being in control of your online business reputation is critical to your business success.

It is important to have a plan for managing the online reputation of your company or brand. The Reputation Management services at Top Marketing Agency will:

  • Explore your weaknesses:¬†We prepare strategies to combat possible attacks on the weaknesses of your products, services or the structure of your organization. Is there something¬†about your company that you are trying to cover up? By being honest with us, our efforts¬†for your¬†online reputation management¬†are easier to handle.
  • Choose and create a blog for your company: You may¬†already have your own website but a separate blog ensures that people talk about it in a positive way.¬†We will create and post content¬†from product descriptions to positive reviews. Registering this blog to a collection of industry recognized blogs offers a better chance of reaching your target market.
  • Enhance your social media presence:¬†We can push reputation building campaigns¬†like product introductions, promos and video marketing to the millions of social media visitors.
  • Build a good Google presence: Google is one of the most powerful search engines available. We will ensure that your content¬†is in compliance with Google¬†standards.
  • Regularly monitor¬†your reputation: We will vigilantly watch over the name of your company, monitor what is¬†said about you and provide detailed¬†reports.

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