Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing

September 27, 2011
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For many businesses, local marketing on the Internet is essential. Just what is local marketing? A potential visitor to any site often wants “local” businesses – that is, local to the customer. Including a zip code or city name in a search phrase narrows the user’s results list. Consider the “Mom & Pop” General Store in your town, or a pet sitting business. Chances are, they rely on physical advertising: posters, banners, word of mouth, etc. to promote their business.

More and more customers rely on the Internet for specific information; technological advances have changed customer interactions significantly over the past two decades. Even the simplest questions, “Where is the closest micro-brewery?”, “Who roasts their own coffee?” and so on, will likely send your potential customers to the Internet for answers. With the extended smart phone apps, your potential customers are using the Internet more and more!

Using services like SEO, PPC and Google Places Optimization increase your Internet presence, increase your leads and increase your profits, especially when used in combination. Top Marketing Agency experts can create and manage an efficient and cost effective internet marketing campaign. Combining SEO, Google Places Optimization & PPC can be a very challenging process without the right tools and experience.  Since the “Ads” are present throughout the web, not just on Google, an effective campaign will attract a specific segment of Internet users to your site. The key is to create the right strategy, target the right audience and use the right tools to ensure you dominate your local area on the internet.

Knowing your target audience and what area you service, is a large part of putting together the best strategy with Local SEO.  It’s a key component for clients that serve specific Geographic areas (lamp shades Seattle, plumber Vancouver, Real Estate Agent in Portland, Estate Attorney Las Vegas, Dallas baseball cards, etc). The combination of SEO, PPC and Google Places Optimization can increase relevant traffic to your site considerably. Relevant traffic is more likely to convert to paid customers!

When conducting SEO, PPC & Google Places Optimization campaigns, each segment takes a particular skill set and experience to ensure you obtain the best ROI possible. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to make sure your website shows up at the top of the Organic search engine result when customers are looking for your products and services.  Organic search engine results obtain over 73% of all clicks and the #1 Organic position obtains 67% of all Organic clicks.  Needless to say, top position is very challenging but is also very valuable.  Top Organic search engine results across multiple keyword terms will drive relevant traffic to your website, increase your leads and your profits.

Google Places Optimization: The goal of Google Places Optimization is to increase your Google Places ranking throughout the area you service.  Whether you have one location and serve one city or you have 10 locations and serve an entire state, Google Places Optimization can dramatically increase your presence in your local market place.  Google Places will take up to 80% of the real estate on the first page Google Results for many local terms, so if you’re looking for local customers, it’s imperative to have a strong Google Places Optimization campaign.

PPC (Pay Per Click): The overall goal of PPC is to get the maximum exposure, the most clicks and the best conversion, all for the least amount of investment possible.  purchase the most relevant keywords (phrases) to your business. The goal is to create a PPC campaign that is more likely to convert to paid visitors, a PPC campaign that is fully optimized for the best Click Through Ratio and Quality Score will obtain the best results.

Our marketing experts can create a customized marketing campaign specifically for your business. Using SEO, Google Places Optimization, PPC, etc. to increase relevant traffic and conversion rates is our number one priority. Remember – making your site accessible is the key to successful Internet marketing! Top Marketing Agency has the expertise to create relevant content and increase you Internet Real Estate presence.

If you’re looking to obtain more business from local customers and need help putting a strategy together and implementing the right campaign, contact Top Marketing Agency NOW for a FREE review of your website.


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