In-House SEO vs. Outsource SEO | Best SEO from Top Marketing Agency

In-House SEO vs. Outsource SEO | Best SEO from Top Marketing Agency

September 8, 2011
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So, you’ve decided that, as a forward thinking company, that you would like to start Internet Marketing? Now the real work begins! Before making the decision whether to hire an in-house employee to manage your internet marketing or to use an experienced firm to manage your SEO, online reputation, link building, blogging and content, be certain to consider all the  benefits associated with each.


While your first inclination will be to hire an employee, or to assign the task to an employee, consider the person’s expertise in Internet Marketing & SEO. As with any area of your business, it is essential that your marketing person has the tools to not only manage the internet marketing tasks effectively, but to assure the strategy drives more traffic, increases brand awareness and increases your ROI. Because the algorithms used by search engines for ranking are in continual flux, your internet marketer must also have the expertise to effectively rank your site and keep up with the constant changing trends in internet marketing.

Now, consider using an Internet marketing firm to increase your traffic, leads and ROI. Firms, like Top Marketing Agency, have expert SEO employees, Content Managers, Reputation Managers, Website Designers & Programmers and Bloggers on staff. Additionally, by hiring an Internet marketing firm, you will be granted the expertise of an entire firm at your fingertips. With specialists for each aspect of Internet marketing, your problems are all solved in one-stop. Experts that follow and fully understand the ranking algorithms can assure that the effectively written posts are “seen” and ranked on a regular basis.


Consider the average yearly salary of an in-house blogger, according to is $85,700/year. This does not include basic benefits; vacation, sick time, medical insurance. You are hiring one person to implement, launch and manage your Blogging campaign. One person, with one skill set.

If you were to hire an online marketing firm, that only does Internet marketing, you will have an entire firm at your disposal. An average SEO firm annual contract can run between $5,500. – $35,000.00. For that contracted amount, you receive (depending on contract); website maintenance, online reputation management, blogging, SEO maintenance etc. In other words, for no more than 1/3 of the cost of hiring an individual to manage your online campaign, you can hire an entire team.


The fact is, that if you have one person to do the work of five – chances are the job will be left wanting. One person is severely limited as to how much can be accomplished. Even supposing that one person has the expertise to:

  • determine most effective strategy
  • write content
  • optimize numerous web pages
  • publish press releases
  • manage online reputation management
  • update twitter & facebook
  • build links
  • manage call tracking
  • manage reporting & analytics
If you choose to outsource your SEO & Internet Marketing, you will have a team of experts that will assure that every facet of your online marketing is handled effectively and efficiently! Contact Top Marketing Agency today for a free marketing analysis of your current (or new) Internet marketing campaign.



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