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What is your long term link building goal? What are the benefits that a web site could get from the link building? What are the best methods of link building?

Think of link building as getting “votes” for your site—if a high quality, relevant site links to you, it’s voting that your site is also relevant and of high quality.

Links that are leading to a website are counted and are considered indicators of popularity. Search engines, most especially Google, give a lot of value to back links. The more back links a site has the better it will look according to Google standards. The numerical value called page rank (PR) can then be assigned by Google. A good PR means good reputation for a website.

When it comes to link building, there are two directions that cab be followed. The first one is considered “link spamming.” This means that links are generated no matter if the methodology is ethical or not. There are link farms and article directories that accept spun materials in exchange for links that are low in quality. This technique could produce high-volume links, but the results are typically short-lived.

The next direction is a merit-based system of link building. Here, a preference is given more to the quality of links that are generated from authoritative sites. These sites have good PR and are relevant to the site that is requesting back links. This is, of course, a more difficult direction, however, it will gain more meaningful and long lasting results.

There are many effective methods that can be used for merit-based link building. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Forums: The use of forums can result in good links for a site. However, links from forums become valuable only if there are signatures on them. The forums should match the industry niche of the site to further have increased link value.
  • Authoritative directories: These directories could produce spam, too, but in general, its links become valuable if it is known in the industry as an ethical source. There are lots of directories that are well-known to specific industry niches on the web. Efforts should be made on getting access to them.
  • Blogs: There is a truth that we cannot deny. It is the fact that search engines like Google love blogs. If a link comes from a well-known blog, it could be deemed as really valuable.
  • Bookmarking: Social bookmarking has gained popularity because it is a fast and easy way to boost up the ranks of websites. Links from social bookmarking sites are highly valued.

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