Google Places SEO

Google Places SEO

September 23, 2011
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Where do the Google Places Clicks Go?

With Google getting over 67% of the market share for all of online search and with Google Places dominating the local search scene, the importance of Google Places SEO is obvious to local businesses.

So where do people click when they are served up local Google Places ads for a local search they’ve conducted?  Until recently, there wasn’t much hard data available to give more insight on the user’s (your customers) preferences when it comes to clicking on Google Places results.  Google has recently been asked to testify before the Senate Judiciary hearing, due to some anti-competitive practices charges.  During this hearing Google gave a lot more insight on the Google Places profiles and where the Google Places clicks are going.

66% Of Google Places Clicks Go Directly To The Businesses Website

Google said that when it comes to Google Places “In fact, most of the click traffic (roughly two-thirds of clicks) from our local search result pages goes directly to small business websites”

25% Of Google Places Clicks Go To Review Sites

Google said that “Review sites make up the next largest percentage (about a quarter of clicks).”

Less Than 10% Of Clicks Go To The Google Places Pages

Google didn’t state the exact percentage of clicks that go to to the Google Places pages but if you do the math, it’s not hard to figure out.  66% + 25% = 91% of clicks do NOT go to Google Places pages, which means less than 10% of local searches go to Google Places pages.

Is the Google Places page important, if less than 10% of clicks go to the Google Places pages?

Even though the Google Places page is not getting the majority of the clicks, optimizing your Google Places ads makes a huge impact on where your business shows up on the search results.  If you want to drive local traffic to your website, it is very important to have a strong Google Places strategy in place to ensure your website gets good placement on Google Places.  There are typically only 7 Google Places results on the first page of Google, which makes getting good placement very competitive. And with Google Places changes that are constantly taking places, it is very challenging to get top placement.

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