Google Places SEO Update

August 6, 2011
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Google Places has been going through quite the transformation over the last year.

  • First Google Places launched the new 10 Pack where most Local Searches on Google showed 10 Business Locations for the product and/or service near the area you were searching for.
  • Next Google Places updated their Algorithm to include Local Results even when you didn’t put a city or zip code in your search IE: Restaurants, Real Estate Agent, Auto Service, Day Spa, Etc..

For the past several years, Google Maps and now Google Places has included Company Reviews their  Google Places listing.  In addition to Google Reviews, Google sourced other reviews from all around the web on sites like Yelp, Citysearch,, and many other sites.  This enabled a potential customer to easily review a company from multiple sites all through the Google Places listing.

Recently Google Places updated it’s look once again.  There are several major changes that have taken place on the most recent Google Places listings.

  • Third-Party reviews are now suppressed on the Google Places listings.
  • The Citations from other directory listings are no longer seen on the Google Places listings.  This is a big change and will be interesting to see how Citations affect Google Places SEO in the future.

The “Reviews From Around The Web” feature is now available at the bottom of the listing.  This is a significant change that may negatively impact the directory companies that previously benefited from the FREE website promotion on Google Places listings.

Ultimately, this is a significant move for Google Places Reviews and Google is obviously pushing to dominate as the Go-To site for researching a companies reputation.

  • 5 Google Places Reviews show on the Google Places listing home page now.  Previously 3 Google Places Reviews showed on the home page.
  • 3rd Party Directory Listing Reviews are now suppressed on the Google Places listings.
  • 3rd Party Reviews are still showing on both the first Page Google SERP Places listings and on the Home Page of Google Places listings.  So other reviews sites are still important when it comes to your Google Places SEO and your Reputation Management strategy.

Google Places recent updates will have an affect on local listings, Google Places Placements and local directory review sites.  For more information, advice or Google Places SEO services, contact us at 888-843-9840 or E-Mail Us.

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