Ways To Keep Your Website Updated

Ways To Keep Your Website Updated

January 10, 2014
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Three Easy Ways To Keep Your Website UpdatedIf consistently coming up with new ideas for content on your website seems like a chore, you just need a new perspective on the task. It is not required that you put a marketing spin to everything that is posted, and there are ways to use ordinary content to promote your business as well. It perfectly acceptable to report regular occurrences if they have a fun or exciting angle. Try these three ways to find new inspiration for your website or blog content.

Hold a monthly contest and announce the winners on your site. You can easily get two to three updates out of each month’s contest without needing to come up with any new ideas. Contests create excitement and user engagement.

Welcome new employees, customers, or team members with a photo and message on your website. This is especially helpful if your clients work one on one with employees and need to get to know them. Friendly faces make visitors feel welcome, both in person and online.

Finally, don’t forget about seasonal changes. Nearly every industry in Seattle is affected by the weather, so it’s always pertinent to offer tips or comment on how your business is faring. Holidays provide a lot of inspiration for new content, especially for blog posts that get shared by readers.

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