The Value of SEO Marketing and Organic Traffic

The Value of SEO Marketing and Organic Traffic

September 19, 2011
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The debate rages on:  “Organic SEO Traffic vs. Pay Per Click”. The expert Internet marketers at Top Marketing Agency recommend a one-two punch – combine the efforts of organic traffic with PPC. While PPC can generate “quick sale” visits, the benefits of organic traffic cannot be disputed for developing lasting relationships with visitors to your site.

Web Traffic

Generally speaking, web traffic is measured by the amount of data (information) received and sent by visitors to an Internet site. A web site’s traffic is determined not only by the number of visitors, but also by the number of pages visited. Site traffic is monitored for incoming and outgoing visitors. Popularity of each page or portions of pages are gauged to determine trends with regard to traffic. For example, traffic may vary from one country or region to another. The data collected is used to :

  1. help structure site
  2. develop content
  3. determine security issues
  4. highlight bandwidth problems
Effective site analysis allows a website administrator to gear content to the desired audience. This is accomplished with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to drive traffic organically to the site.

Website Traffic Measurement

Site traffic is measure to effectively analyze the type of traffic currently being generated, and to increase relevant traffic according to the data collected. The following data is collected to measure traffic to a site:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of page views per visitor
  • Duration of visit
  • Duration of time spent on each page
  • Domain classes
  • Most popular time of maximum number of visits
  • Page requests
  • Entry page popularity (to determine how traffic is directed to site)
  • Exit page popularity (to locate broken links, bad pages or popular external links)
  • Path of page visits (to determine the most natural sequence of visitor views)
  • Link sources 
By monitoring a variety of data to any site, it is possible to determine what areas must be improved to increase the popularity of the site. To increase long-term relationships with a client base, the site must offer informative, relevant information to the visitor. This can best be achieved through organic traffic with an SEO plan as set forth by Top Marketing Agency.

Organic Traffic

Unpaid traffic to a website is called organic. While the indication is that organic traffic is “free”, the fact is that while a site is not paying a fee for a listed return, the work involved to generate organic traffic is invaluable. Maintaining continual relevant content so that the site is “crawled” on a regular basis is absolutely necessary.

Research indicates that the site returned in the top spot of a search receives the most visits, receiving 5% to 10% of total clicks. Each subsequent site on the search results list receives 30% to 60% of the previous listed site. The key is to hire a marketing firm, like Top Marketing Agency, that understands how to grow and maintain relevant organic website traffic.

Because there is such a vast wealth of information to be indexed on the Internet, it can take months for content to be crawled. Over eight billion pages were indexed by Google alone by the end of 2004! As a result, it can take months for new content to be reindexed. It is crucial to have the expertise to be certain new content is indexed as quickly as possible when growing a site’s organic traffic.

Contact Top Marketing Agency for a complete analysis of your website, and a comprehensive marketing program to maximize the traffic to your site!



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