Statistics Show That Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Statistics Show That Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Email Marketing

Many business owners and marketers tend to wonder if sending email is still a good idea seeing that there are so many ways to reach out to customers. The good news is that email marketing does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Email marketing is a very useful tool when you want to attract and then retain customers. Hopefully, you will be able to find some valuable strategies that you can use to further enhance your very own plan for email marketing.

Know The Email Marketing Facts

There are about 74 trillion emails that get sent out each year, and these numbers are only going up. Throughout 2017, the numbers are on the rise, and it is said that people will be sending and receiving nearly 270 billion emails each day. But, who is using the email?

Studies show that more than 90% of adults in the US alone are using email. Of course, it is not just older people utilizing email. Even though social messaging apps are in full force, roughly 74% of teens are using email. Regardless of the age group to be targeted or where they are located, email is an excellent way to get in touch with your audience.

The next question should be focused on how the people are checking their email – is it mobile or desktop? Regardless of the format, emails will reach many of the people that they are intended for. This means that email marketing is an essential tool to have in your marketing toolbox.

Email Marketing And Consumers

It is only natural that you would wonder how email marketing is going to look from the standpoint of the consumer. According to recent research, consumers like to get an email for communicating with the various brands that they are connected to. Email is also known for being the prominent communication tool for all sorts of professionals. Roughly 95% of professionals are using email, which makes it ideal for businesses and their communication needs.

However, there is also research pointing to consumers stating that they often get some irrelevant emails from numerous brands. About 17% of emails are considered spam, so it is quite easy to see just how consumers may be put off when they receive the wrong emails. Today, it is easier than ever for a consumer to fight back by making simple changes to their inbox to filter out and block any of the emails that they no longer want.

The best way to battle the chance that your email will be looked at as span is to go the personalization route. Personalization reduces the overall amount of unsubscribes and can help to boost the number of clicks for a higher open rate. As a matter of fact, research shows that emails that have personalization come with a 75% greater open rate than emails that do not.

What Are Email Marketers Saying?

While looking at email marketing software, the marketers have been spoiled when it comes to choices, but how do they feel about their emails going out? Relevance also seems to be a concern, with just over 40% of marketers saying that only a portion of the emails they produce are relevant while a staggering 10% say that their emails do not contain all pertinent information. This becomes an issue with consumers taking and deleting any irrelevant emails.

One issue that remains a big deal for email marketers is content. 25% of marketers today will have a hard time getting content to use in their email marketing endeavors. Because content is such a meaningful way to attract and also retain the audience, you need to have ways to develop quality content.

Additionally, another way to find out if the emails you are sending are working is to take the time to test them out. The bottom line is that you will always have better luck with good email content that will be personalized and less like spam.

ROI With Email Marketing

It is natural to wonder about ROIL when it comes to email marketing as well. Is it worth it? Of course! Email marketing is an excellent way to get your point across and to share great information with your customer base. Email marketing also beats out other forms of lead generation, and it can improve sales. The professionals will tell you that each dollar that you are spending on email marketing can generate just under $40 in return for your business.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Consumers still like using email, and it turns out that many are using emails for finding deals when shopping. Just about 45% of shoppers will redeem coupons for a great deal over their mobile devices. While there are many different methods for communication out there today, email has been able to stay relevant and adapt over time.

As a business, you should also never have all of your eggs in one basket. While you could have an incredible social media presence, failing to launch email marketing at the same time may leave you losing out on all sorts of revenue and consumer awareness. Email marketing can evolve, so it remains a must for any marketers that want to be able to stay relevant to their customer base.

Mobile Email Marketing

mobile email marketing

No one can afford to ignore the power of mobile email marketing. When looking at email, smartphones are quickly becoming the number one way that consumers are checking their messages. Over 85% are using their smartphones to check on their email, while just over 30% are using them for business emails. Fun fact: Email happens to be the most important activity that users are carrying out on their smartphones, with just over half of all of the emails read are on mobile devices.

If you want to go for a younger demographic, know that mostly all young people are using smartphones. Out of this demographic, many will decide in a split second if an email looks relevant or not and quickly delete anything that is deemed unimportant.

What You Should Know About Email Marketing Moving Forward

To remain successful, you should be following along with the latest email marketing trends. These are some good predictions that you should keep an eye on:

  • Interactivity is a big factor, with email recipients being able to interact with the content of your email without having to leave the email itself
  • Utilizing big data and also integrating data so that there is a detailed and end-to-end view of the customers so that email marketers can personalize.
  • Such an integration as mentioned will help marketers to bring about a sort of omnichannel experience. Customers can recognize where they connect with the company.
  • Adding HTML5 videos into emails
  • Email automation that focuses on emails triggered by way of user action.

No matter what, customers are going to want an email experience that is more personal, and there will be a need for more technologies and tools to take it on. So, is the use of email marketing dead? Definitely not. It is alive and well, and you too can harness the power.

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