Social Media Marketing Strategies for Every Business

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Every Business

September 11, 2014
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 social media marketingEstablishing a strong presence on social media sites is only step one in the overall internet marketing equation. The key to success is not simply a presence, but learning how to effectively use, manage and leverage the benefits that social media marketing tools can provide to the full extent.

Know Who You Are: Not all of these tools may be the right fit for your organization. Choose the sites carefully that match best with your business culture and the image you want to portray to the public. Don’t assume that just because there is a social networking site out there that it is essential for your business to exist on this site. Take the time to carefully research each sites demographic, reach, and overall functionality to determine if they are the best fit for your business.

While there are a handful of sites including Facebook and Google Plus that have become essential to be represented on, you may find that others are not as imperative to your particular business model. While it doesn’t hurt to be represented on additional social media sites, it should make sense and support your overall brand message positively.

Identify Your Internal Resources and Prioritize: If you are new to social media or have a small support staff, be sure you have the personnel and tools to engage in these activities. While there are tools available to assist with content publishing throughout social media sites simultaneously, having someone to manage this process is essential to ensure quality control and the origination of frequent content publishing.

Develop and Implement a Strategy: There are pros and cons to all of these tools, so it is important to define what it is you are trying to accomplish before investing valuable resources. Create a timeline and project plan. Define your target audience to ensure that the sites you are focused on are where your customers are actually spending time.

Create Policies: Before you start a blog or invite people to “link in” to you, be sure that you have developed a set of guidelines about the do’s and don’ts of engagement and that these policies are well-documented and communicated properly. The quality of your content cannot be overlooked and is imperative in order to encourage and grow followers that the editorial and information published is of value and relates to your business or products. Frequency of publishing is also key to ensure that you are not overwhelming or creating an annoyance with your updates. There are certain times of the day that are suggested to receive the highest success rates and visibility.

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