Social Media and Localized Social Marketing

Social Media and Localized Social Marketing

May 15, 2019
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While you may take advantage of social media to market your business, are you focusing broadly or locally? Trends show that localized social marketing is hotter than ever and is not being utilized enough. Social media platforms are developing new tools to help businesses in multiple locations capture audiences, authenticate brands, and widen their reach.

Facebook allows companies to establish a business page for a national audience, while also permitting separate pages for each location. Facebook Recommendations also lets consumers rate a specific business location.

Instagram has introduced in-app local business profile pages, where you can create individual local business profiles for additional locations.

Google highlights the Knowledge Panel – information about a particular business that shows in a box to the right of search results. National franchises will see one Knowledge Panel for the national brand and a separate Knowledge Panel for each franchise site.

Reputation management and social media platforms are showing insight into using localized social marketing to increase consumer engagement. Nearly ¾ of people considering buying a franchise use social pages to make their decision about a new franchise opportunity, so local social marketing is crucial to promoting a brand.

For businesses with multiple locations, there are three management models from which to choose:

  • The centralized model manages all social media at the corporate level. Franchise owners don’t create their own content and don’t benefit from localized content.
  • Every franchiser who makes their own social media content comprises the decentralized model. Localized content is easier to create, but brand consistency can be challenging.
  • Hybrid models require input from the franchisee and corporate. Content sharing technology is needed, but this approach works best.

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