Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO

August 12, 2011
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Small Business SEO – Make SEO Work For Your Small Business

For small business owners, creating and implementing an SEO program that works can be a challenge.  But as recent internet search reports show, neglecting the importance of SEO could mean a loss in website traffic, customer inquires and ultimately a loss in your bottom line.

There are many challenges in small business SEO.  Some of the challenges include:

  • In-House SEO vs Hiring an SEO Company
  • How To Develop an SEO Strategy
  • Can You Afford SEO Services
  • SEO Content Creation and SEO Content Management

Below we’ve addressed these challenges to see if SEO is right for your small business:

In-House SEO vs Hiring an SEO CompanyUnless you have a dedicated SEO employee who has experience maintaining an SEO campaign or you’re ready to personally get completely immersed into your companies SEO it may be best to hire a professional SEO company with proven results.  From learning the ropes, paying for the software,  keeping updated on the Search Engine Algorithm updates and maintaining the process, SEO is a full time job.

A few things to keep in mind with SEO:

  • Based on a Penn State study, over 35% of Searches online will click on the #1 result.  And over 67% of searches online will click on one of the 1st 10 Organic results.  –  This means that if you get the best placement possible, your campaign is much more likely to be successful.  The right placement is everything with SEO, and with only 10 spots on most 1st page results, top placement is very valuable and competitive.

How To Develop on SEO Strategy

Implementing the right SEO Strategy is the most important part of an SEO campaign.  Every business is different, especially with small businesses, therefore every SEO Strategy is slightly different.  A qualitifed SEO company will not only be able to get your companies website better rankings online, but they will be able to help implement a strategy that is customized and designed to ensure Relevant Traffic is sent to your website and that your website has the proper Call-To-Action to make the most of the traffic the website receives. 

A few things to keep in mind with SEO Strategy:

  • Some websites have a 90% bounce rate, other websites have a 10% bounce rate.  By implementing the proper SEO Strategy our SEO Team has seen bounce rates decrease by 15-20% on average.  This typically will result in more customer inquires, more phone calls and leads and ultimately more profit for your company.  Getting top placement on Google is one thing, but getting top placement with relevant keywords and having a website that converts well, is the key to a successful SEO campaign.

Can You Afford SEO Services –

SEO Services vary drastically in cost.  Whether or not you can afford SEO Services is going to be based on your SEO campaign results and more importantly your ROI (Return on Investment).  And SEO campaign has little to do with Branding, so the real value should be based on ROI.  The right SEO strategy should have a positive impact on your bottom line.  And with the right tracking & analytics reporting, it’s easy to monitor your SEO results, which is another reason most companies continue their SEO campaigns after trying it out.

A few things to keep in mind with “SEO Affordability”:

  • The internet and search engine optimization specifically has proven to reduce overall marketing costs and yield one of the best ROI’s in today’s market place.  Search Engines have replaced the Yellow Pages as the go to source for finding a product or service when you need it.  From researching products and services, to finding the company that customers need, the internet is the preferred choice of today’s customers.  This is why implementing the appropriate internet strategy can result in the best ROI out of all other advertising.

SEO Content Creation and SEO Content Management –

A popular saying on internet search is “Content is King”.  Based on Wikipedia’s definition: “The phrase can be interpreted to mean that – without original and desirable content, or consideration for the rights and commercial interests of content creators – any media venture is likely to fail through lack of appealing content, regardless of other design factors.  Content can mean any creative work, such as text, graphics, images or video.”  SEO Content Management should be a significant part of your SEO Strategy.  Fresh, unique, well written and interesting content will improve your your repeat website  visitors, improve your website conversion and will significantly improve your SEO ROI.

A few things to keep in mind with SEO Content Creation and SEO Content Management:

  • Content can be on your website, in press releases, written articles, blogs, company profiles and much more.  A full service SEO Company should have the ability to customize, implement and fully manage your companies content.

Top Marketing Agency offers expert services to build your Internet presence at an affordable cost. For more information on our SEO Services, contact us or call us at toll free 1-888-843-9840.





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