Optimize Your PPC Marketing with Smart Remarketing Tactics

Optimize Your PPC Marketing with Smart Remarketing Tactics

August 27, 2019
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Optimize Your PPC Marketing with Smart Remarketing Tactics

Are you looking for ways to optimize your PPC marketing? Top Marketing Agency is here to save the day. We want to get you more than just new visitors to your site. We can help you manage your reputation, your brand, and much more with our team’s diverse skill set and years of experience with online marketing for all types of businesses.

When it comes to successful PPC marketing, remarketing is vital. High bounce rates are typical when it comes to using AdWords, especially those still researching their options for solutions. A good CTA probably won’t sell them just yet, so you have to shift focus and cross-sell or “down-sell” to visitors who bounce. Give them content that answers their questions and educates them. Instead of promoting a demo for software right away, promote an e-book that can teach them, and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Retargeting like this makes visitors more likely to share information that can help you get leads, and can boost your CVR and ROI of your marketing campaigns. If you can’t sell a demo to your visitors the first time, selling it again isn’t going to convince then to try it. Give them something of value that seeks to educate them about what they’re interested in to pique their interest enough to try the demo.

Here are some more remarketing tips you can use to improve your PPC success:

  • Use dynamic targeting parameters with your ads to serve specific advertising to various demographics.
  • Name-drop relevant influencers who are well-known and well-received, and add them to your remarketing ads to add trust and social proof to your messages.
  • Try out different lead magnets and split-test items like e-books and webinars to see what gets the most conversions. Once you know what works, stick with it, and refine it to fit your audience and message.

Remember, the goal is to keep the attention of users you might otherwise lose entirely and maintain the interest of customers with valuable and relevant content. Varying up the messaging is crucial to the success of these strategies.

If you want an agency that can get you the best in PPC marketing and remarketing strategies to improve conversions and sales, the pros as Top Marketing Agency as a phone call away. For more information on our marketing services, or to get a free consultation with our experts, call us today at (888) 843-9840.


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