Is Social Media Marketing Worth the Effort?

Is Social Media Marketing Worth the Effort?

September 27, 2011
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When designing your online marketing strategy, the experts at Top Marketing Agency will likely include Social Media Marketing in the program. What was previously considered an extra, even unnecessary, service is now an essential part of any Internet marketing campaign. Many reports have proven the fact that the added exposure from Social Media Marketing (SMM) nets a handsome Return on Investment (ROI).

How SMM and SEO Work Together

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cannot be abandoned, SMM has a proven positive influence on any campaign. There is evidence showing that regarding search engine results, it is not uncommon for FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, etc. conversations or other social forums to have search results ranked higher than traditional SEO content. This alone is reason enough to launch a  strategic alliance between your SEO and SMM campaigns:

SEO + SMM = Maximum Internet Exposure

Of course, even social content must be relevant and interesting! Much like SEO expertise, SMM is not to be taken lightly or mishandled by one who doesn’t fully understand the potential implications of damaging conversations. Handled effectively and efficiently, by experts at Top Marketing Agency will assure that you grow a relevant community within the social media platform.

Spending by SMM

Available data indicates that although Google’s Search Engine traffic boasts over 80% of website traffic, and AOL has the highest conversion rate (visits/sales) at 2.9%, Twitter visitors are more likely to spend more money per purchase! Twitter has not only the lowest traffic tally at 0.02% and the worst conversion rate at 0.5%, the average spending of $121.33 as compared to AOL’s $105.27.

The data was collected for 4 million Internet orders in August 2011, with total spent of $500 million. As expected, traditional search engines’ organic results netted the majority of traffic. Interesting to note that although Google ranked the highest in its conversion rate was last. The market is ripe for picking! With the skills of Top Marketing Agency’s experts, you can reap your portion of that reward.

Twitter, Twitter, Tweet

It has been surmised that Twitter traffic is a more sophisticated, mature crowd. Translation: Tweeters have money! This is clear by the statistics that  Twitter conversions average spending is 15.25% higher than AOL customers:

$121.33 – $105.27 = $16.06 and $16.06/$105.27 = 15.25%

Now, imagine what a well-planned and managed Twitter/FaceBook campaign can do for your Internet business! Contact Top Marketing Agency today for a complete analysis of your current Internet campaign and proposed options to corner the Twitter/FaceBook, etc. market for your business.




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