Important Factors with WordPress Hosting Security

Important Factors with WordPress Hosting Security

February 18, 2017
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Wordpress Hosting SecurityMore than half of content management systems chosen by today’s businesses utilize WordPress due to the flexibility of adjusting the source code to create and maintain unique websites. Because WordPress is so popular and its innate open source, this software is more prone to hacking than other closed system platforms. There are several important factors with WordPress hosting security that must be considered.

To ensure that your website remains secure, here are some valuable tips to follow:

  • To make certain that your CMS is always current, WordPress now utilizes an automatic version update to keep hackers from exploiting older WordPress versions. In spite of this fact, almost half of all WordPress sites are using the latest software version 4.6. More than 10% of websites are using versions 3.x or below. This is a welcome invitation to hackers. Ensure that you have the latest update to WordPress and that your plugins and themes are also current.
  • Sharing hosting services opens the door to cross-site contamination. Hackers are able to access your website by reaching another site in your shared server.
  • Even if your WordPress site seems secure, it is still vulnerable to cyber attacks. Taking advantage of a plugin like WP Super Cache will cache the content in your server so that traffic coming in will be little affected. Employing a CDN or Content Delivery Network will allow your site to handle traffic more effectively and manage spikes in traffic, as well.
  • Backing up your files is critical. If you are unfortunate enough to be hacked, you will have less down time since you already have your information in reserve.

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