How is Marketing Going to Change in 2016?

How is Marketing Going to Change in 2016?

November 18, 2015
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One of the most important ways to keep on top of sales is the ability to be able to predict trends from a marketing standpoint. With the world immersed in the digital age, marketing is not a static industry – what is exceptional one second can be obsolete the next. With such changing pattern, it is important to keep on top of predictions to keep sales and numbers high.

How is Marketing Going to Change in 2016?

2016 is sure to bring more changes to the marketing world, and leading experts are beginning to weigh in on what those changes may be. One of the first things that is expected to change is branding. Fundamentally, consumers do not want ot hear from a CEO how amazing his or her products are; they want to hear from the employees themselves, people like them. This type of inside-out branding is expected to be more prevalent in 2016.

As we are more and more a digital world, digital marketing itself will cease, realizing that we are in a digital world. It is expected that branding will steer away from naming itself digital – because face it, everything is digital these days. Claiming to be digital is beginning to sound obsolete.

The interactivity of TV is expected to change in 2016, and this will bring a shift in how television advertising is thought of and produced. Expect to see major changes in this arena, and stay close to the news wire to keep up to date on how television is changing.

It is also predicted that real-time marketing will involve the merging of both online and offline behaviors. Up until now, these have been studied separately, but as digital becomes much more prevalent, this is about to change.

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