Google’s Withholding Keyword Traffic Information

Google’s Withholding Keyword Traffic Information

October 3, 2013
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Each and every day, millions of people use the Google search engine because it is one of the more trusted search engines on the internet. However, what if you were told that Google was withholding information from internet contributors?

Why Google’s Withholding Information

It used to be that when you did a Google Search, the frequency of the keywords that you used in your search would be accumulated with the results of everyone else who is looking for the same information. This aggregate data was available to the writers, publishers, and other website owners who used the information to refine their content to include your keywords. Now Google is taking it another step further. Google is withholding this information about people’s internet searching habits for security reasons—Google is making sure that private information for companies and other pertinent information that could harm them is not leaked out and used in the wrong way.

A Huge Challenge But Great Opportunities

Along with the many changes that Google is making, there are also many different challenges that will lead to awesome opportunities for some. Now, you may wonder who it would be a great opportunity for.

  • Big name companies and agencies
  • Any company that is able to change along with the new rules Google has put into place

One of the biggest problems is that this change is going to affect writers, publishers. or other individuals that have been depending on the information that Google once offered them, so they could see what others are looking for. Without that little bit of information, it is going to make it harder for them to continue with their work on a day-to-day basis.  Fortunately, there are other tools and software (even within Google Analytics) that can help you monitor traffic and your overall website user experience.  You can research the content your customers are reading, which will not tell you the exact keyword they used to get there, but will give you access to some other helpful and valuable data such as time on site, the page your user landed on, your bounce rate, and more.  When you see that Page A is getting 50 visits, you can then look at the title, the bounce rate, and more information of that page to tell if the page is attracting the right kind of traffic and converting the traffic that it captures.

Other Tools That Can Help

While Google may be changing the way that internet contributors gain the information that they need to better serve the public, there is still the Google Webmaster Tool that can be used. Although it may take a little more time to get to the information needed, it can still be obtained. However, if you are looking for other tools to use there are also:

  • Bing’s Keyword Tool
  • Word Tracker
  • Keyword Discovery





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