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A longtime trusted surgeon in the Bellevue, WA area, the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery needed a stronger presence on the web in order to get the word out. Aesthetic surgery can be a different sort of field when it comes to web design and online marketing, and customer testimonials – especially those that include photos – are extremely important. It was also important for Bel-Red to discuss cosmetic and aesthetic surgery at length, dispelling many myths that the common public has about these types of medical procedures. With everything from weight loss procedures to facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, Dr. Zemplenyi and his team of professionals are available at every turn to answer any question, fulfill any need, and work with patients individually to ensure they get proper care, treatment, and aftercare so they can help fulfill their dream.

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How Did We Help Bel-Red’s Presence on the Web?

Detail is everything, and our experts not only overhauled the website with easy-to-navigate pages, we added a lot of content that can help potential customers make a decision. In marketing terms, making a decision to become a client, patient, or customer is known as conversion. We are proud to say that we have improved the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery’s conversion rates by over 350 percent. Essentially, this means that a person browsing their site, after finding it in a search engine, decided to go through with making the initial consultation and call. Because of Bel-Red’s experience in the field and commitment to patient care, those new clients have stayed on.

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Those are amazing results. How did we do it?

Results like these don’t just happen. They take a lot of planning and hard work.

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    Re-envisioned Messaging

    We developed a new sales message that better resonated with our patients.

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    Complete Re-branded

    From the logo to the marketing strategy and events, we updated everything to use the new messaging.

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    Lead Generation Focused Website

    We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.

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    Added SEO and Inbound Marketing

    We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.

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Let’s Take a Look at the Site

Nearly anyone can add some before and after pictures and write a few blogs – but what did we actually do for the site? First of all, the content is written with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. This means that when a computer user enters a particular term into a search engine (related to aesthetic surgery in Washington state), Bel-Red will be one of the first results that draws viewers in. A strong meta description and landing page keeps users browsing through the pages. We’ve also been dedicated to their content management and website design. It’s important for mobile and tablet users to be able to navigate the site as well as desktop users, and our design is streamlined and seamless.

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  • +350%


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  • +275%


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  • +400%


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