2019 Trends That Can Elevate Your Website Design

2019 Trends That Can Elevate Your Website Design

August 1, 2019
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2019 Trends That Can Elevate Your Website Design

Are you looking for a marketing company that can help you with your website design? Top Marketing Agency has the tools, tips, and tricks that you need to optimize your presence online. We have extensive experience in helping clients in a variety of ways to improve their marketing on the web, and we can help you turn your site into a powerhouse for conversions and sales alike.

Several factors go into making a successful website in the modern-day, and here just a few that can enhance the look and feel of your website:

Minimalism, Color Schemes, & Shapes

While these three may not seem wholly related, they work together to create a fluid and organic design that pulls the reader in and keeps them on your pages. Abstract imagery that mimics fluid shapes and natural curves are very on-trend right now. While more linear trends are often beautiful and very user-friendly, a contemporary site can play a little with the design in a way that is both classy and fun. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity and beauty of a well-put-together minimalist design, as it is both easy-to-navigate and timeless in appearance. Keeping color schemes simple enhances readability as well as navigation, and creates a consistent look and feel for your website.

Serif Font Headlines

Serif fonts are often used in print material because they’re considered to be easier to read, but on most sites, you can find sans-serif fonts. These days, it is more likely that you can find an article with a serif headline and a sans-serif body text font. Serif fonts are also a great way to communicate professionalism, class, and history in your design. This can benefit several different types of businesses, including artisans and food manufacturers who want to invoke nostalgia or history in their marketing material. These little nuances in design go a long way toward communicating precisely what you want people to think of when they think about your company.

GIFs and animations

No, we don’t mean to hearken back to Geocities or Angelfire sites from the 90s and early 2000s. Having subtle animations and dynamic movements help create a sense of fluidity and mobility in a website, which can enhance user-friendliness. Background videos and other types of animation can also help communicate your message, and what your business does, viscerally and visually in a way that entices viewers and keeps them mesmerized. The key here is subtlety. Animations have come a long way since the days of Angelfire sites, and they can be utilized to craft original and seamless content that can enhance the look and feel of your website.

Whether you want to upgrade your site to something with responsive website design, or you want to find out how you can optimize your presence on social media, Top Marketing Agency has the answers you need to boost your presence online. For more information about our marketing services, or to get your free consultation, call our team today at (888) 843-9840.


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