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How to Protect Your Business Reputation Online

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Fact: People leave reviews and comments about companies all of the time. Fact: There are people out there that post fake reviews about companies every day. These people, combined with legitimate complaints from customers, can ruin your reputation and the reputation of your company if not handled carefully. With the help of …

Using Social Media to Increase Your Sales and Web Traffic

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Has the traffic to your company’s website reached a plateau, or are you seeing a decrease in visitors to your site? A lot of new companies will notice a general tapering off of web-traffic within the first 3 years of existence. What site owners might not be aware of is …
As a business owner, especially in a poor economic climate, it is essential to go the extra mile to increase your customer base and overall profit. One thing that you may want to consider is using the Craigslist platform as part of your marketing strategy. Most companies do not use …

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