Why you need a professional website design for your business

Why you need a professional website design for your business

July 19, 2014
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Many business owners still make the mistake of thinking that professional website design and online marketing are simply extensions of traditional print marketing strategies. After all, a web site is just a collection of pages, why is it any different from a magazine or a brochure?

The difference is, that Internet-enabled marketing allows customer interactivity to attract potential customers and develop a closer relationship with your business. You can treat the Web the same way you have always treated print, but if you do, you’ll be missing the huge new marketing opportunities that online marketing offers you and that customers increasingly expect.

To meet today’s customer demands for more information and expected website functionality, you need to think about using the internet more and with proven strategies that really work. This means upgrading your web operation to offer customers more detail and transparency into your inventory, pricing, and delivery, plus (especially) feedback mechanisms that allow your customers to feel that they are in control of the dialogue with you and your products or services.

Because customers want this information and increasingly feel entitled to share their opinions, businesses need to be ready for customer feedback and respond appropriately. There’s no longer an excuse for your not putting customer needs first. There’s just too much competition in today’s marketplace. Let’s face it, businesses that do not have a website or whose website does not feature the latest website functionality will find it increasingly difficult to survive. Below are a few suggestions to consider when developing any business website, in order to maximize conversion and yield new customers:

Design: Make things easy to find and use on your website.  Contact forms should be simple to use and easy to see. The overall design of your website should reflect your business, and what it is that you offer.  Try not to clutter your pages with irrelevant content, and above all make your services and products easy to find.

Functionality: Your website should be view-able and functional on all access points. Customers will access your websites on phones, tablets, and on desktop, and it’s important to make sure that your website looks and works the same way regardless of where people are looking at your site from.

Content: Always publish content! Blogs or New Services, Featured Products or Specials, posting content regularly draws new customers to your website. Talk about it!

Interact: Interact with customers through your social networking sites.  Any feedback is good feedback, and establishing to your customers that you want to help address concerns is always better than ignoring them.

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