Top Marketing Agency Discusses the Particulars of SEO Management

Top Marketing Agency Discusses the Particulars of SEO Management

October 22, 2011
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Frustrated by the constantly changing search engine algorithms? If you are attempting to manage your company’s Internet marketing in-house, you have likely figured out that Google’s search engine algorithms are in a constant state of flux. The Search Engine Optimization Experts at Top Marketing Agency have their finger on the pulse of the need for adjusting a client’s SEO campaign based on these algorithm adjustments.

How Does SEO Work?

A website is ranked by the search engine according to the relevance & perceived importance of its content to a user’s search query. For example, if a user enters:

“Coffeemaker blue Seattle”

The following results are returned:

On the other hand, should the user change the search query to:

“Coffeemaker Seattle blue”

The results change, as shown below:

Interestingly, both queries return the same #1 result. As you move down the list, however, you can see the rankings change and some results from the initial search have been replaced by other results. This is Google’s search engine at work. By using an elegant algorithm, the search engine is able to rank the most relevant results for each unique keyword term. Each search returns a set of results that are unique to that user’s query.

The basic search algorithm contains the following components:

As you can see, the most important component of any search result is:

“Trust/Authority of the Host Domain”

With a weight factor of nearly 24%, it is essential that your site be recognized as not only trustworthy, but considered the industry expert. This is where SEO maintenance plays an essential role in your Internet marketing campaign.

Why Are Google’s Algorithms Constantly Changing?

According to Google, over 500 adjustments (changes) were implemented to their search engine algorithm in 2010. That’s more than one change per day! Keeping up with those adjustments is exactly what the SEO Management Experts at Top Marketing Agency do.

Every Internet campaign is striving to achieve the coveted #1 ranking for relevant search results. One of the most crucial components of that trip to the top is effective SEO management. Tweeking your website, blog, Pay Per Click (PPC) and every other component of your Internet presence is key to becoming the industry expert in your industry.

Did You Know….?

Keeping in mind that dominating the Internet requires that your site not only be designed with the user in mind, it must also be designed to allow the spider to crawl on a regular basis. As Google is continually changing, so too must your marketing tactics. Did you know that:

  • 76% of all clicks follow through to the top 10 search results
  • 30% of that 76% click through on the #1 ranked search result
  • Less than 10% of users continue past the first page of search rankings

Effectively changing your SEO campaign to mesh with Google’s algorithm adjustments is essential to achieving top search engine results. Top Marketing Agency can analyze your current website and offer potential solutions to improve your ranking and visibility on the Internet. Our SEO Experts strive to place every client within Google’s Golden Triangle!


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