Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

January 7, 2020
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Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Ten years ago, people were contemplating whether they needed a mobile-friendly website or if they needed a responsive website, ultimately asking the question, “Why is responsive web design important?” Fast forward to today, and almost any new website that is built is responsive.

Screen Size

When users are looking for information, trying to make a purchase, or learning new things, they do it on various devices. From desktops to tablets to cell phones. They may be at the office, on a train, or walking down a busy street in New York City. Ensuring that your website can be easily accessed regardless of the screen size has never been more critical.

When you have a mobile version of your website, you end up with two versions of your site that need to be maintained. When a visitor visits your website, technology determines what type of device they are on. If they are on a mobile device, it delivers a mobile-friendly version. If they are on a tablet or desktop, it will provide the desktop version of the website. With a responsive design, the site shrinks or expands based on the device screen size. This is the most forward-thinking design.

Responsive Doesn’t Always Mean Mobile Friendly

A myth that is always brought up is that a responsive site is mobile friendly. Technically, a responsive site should be mobile-friendly, but the code and technology that is added to a responsive design can make the website “unfriendly” to mobile devices.

One example is a slow loading website. A website that loads slow on smartphones and tablets often has a lower conversion rate and a higher bounce rate.

Today mobile website consumers do not expect to have a slower experience because of the device that they chose. Often it can be the code that was implemented during the web development such as javascript and CSS that has not been minified or not serving cached versions of pages or images. These are some of the issues that prevent excellent web content from being consumed the way it was intended.

Slow Sites Have Reduced Search Engine Rankings

Google and other search engines want to provide their consumers with the best possible experience. When a user turns to a search engine to find something, learn something or buy something, they expect that that search engine will provide them with a host of great sites that offer just what they are looking for.

One of the unstated requirements of website searchers is a great customer experience, regardless of the system they are using. Google and other search engines are demoting sites from top-ranking spots for having slow load times or poor experiences for mobile users.

Thankfully for us, website designers can receive Google recommendations via the Google Speed Test and the Google Mobile-Friendly test. These tools allow designers and developers to test as they build a site, to ensure that what they are creating is a fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and responsive website.

Taking Advantage Of Social Media Marketing

The world is social! Consumers are continually connected to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, creating more opportunities for businesses to communicate at the speed of light.

Most consumers are connected to their social accounts through their phones, with more than 50% connecting to social media platforms on smartphones. If you want to have an effective content marketing strategy, encourage consumers on social sharing sites to interact and share your content, you need to have a website that will provide visitors with the best possible experience.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Why is responsive web design important?” It’s time to get started updating your website. Top Marketing Agency is a successful, responsive web design agency that can help you with creating and executing a responsive mobile-friendly design. Contact us at 888-843-9840 today to get started.


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