Why Bother with Responsive Web Design?

Why Bother with Responsive Web Design?

February 19, 2016
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As is evidenced by numerous statistics from a variety of sources, more and more traffic to your website comes from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, rather than the traditional desktop or laptop. Mobile applications allow users to make purchases in virtually any location at any time of day because of the inherent convenience of these devices. To maintain an effective website that works optimally in any situation and on any size screen it is crucial to utilize responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

The conventionally standard web design on large computer screens does not take into account the smaller screen sizes of small computer components. When responsive web design is not being used, a viewer to your site on his smart phone may get an incomplete screen, type that is far too small to read, complications with navigation and, ultimately, frustration, that leads him to go elsewhere for your service or product where a purchase is more easily undertaken.

Responsive web design automatically adjusts the website to the size of the device being accessed so that no information is compromised. There are 3 distinct advantages to applying responsive web design to your business site:

  1. Because of ease of use with all devices, more traffic comes your way.
  2. More traffic equals higher conversion rates from simple viewers to customers.
  3. Customers are happy to have a pleasant buying experience and are more likely to shop with you again and recommend your site to friends and family.

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