Why Blogging is Important

Why Blogging is Important

August 1, 2011
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Whether you have an established presence on the Internet, or are new to the game, an effective blog is essential to increase your Internet presence. A properly managed blog will serve to make your company the authority in your industry. The careful placement of specific keyword/keyphrase posts will place a company higher in search results listings. As many realize “Content Is King” and Regular website updates (new content) will assure that your blog is searched and cataloged correctly.  Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo like indexing fresh unique content and a Blog can adequately get informative unique content to the search engines and your potential customers.

What is a Keyword/Key Phrase?

A keyword is a single word used in a search term relating to a specific business interest. Similarly, a key phrase is a group of 3-7 keywords. As an example, let’s say your company sells widgets in Seattle, Washington; assuming those widgets are part of the transportation industry, a good blog will include:

  • Relevant information on your products and services
  • A good balance of keywords, images and information
  • Quality links that link to additional information throughout your website
  • Keyphrases such as; yellow widgets Seattle, Seattle yellow widgets, Seattle widget supplier
How are Keywords/Key Phrases Used in Blogs?
Once it has been determined which keywords or key phrases are relevant to your company, articles (posts) are crafted  that naturally include those keywords throughout the post. For example, a post including the key phrase “yellow widgets Nashville” will be crafted to introduce a truly relevant topic using the key phrase as a starting point. The trick is to write an article that not only attracts new traffic, but is easily scanned for ratings within the Internet listings.
Why Can’t I Just Write My Own Blog?
While anyone can sit down and figure out the mechanics of writing a blog, the fact is there is so much more to it! Unless you are well versed in driving relevant traffic to a blog, which will turn visitors into paying customers, the blog will remain floating in the Internet un-read. So, you’ve taken the time as an industry expert to compose the articles to be posted on the site you designed….but if you haven’t the resources available to assure traffic – you’ve wasted your time.
Professional blogs are more than the daily (hourly) ramblings of a teenage girl’s diary. To become an industry expert, you must be able to compose relevant, informative and entertaining content on a regular basis. Taking a specific topic and creating 100’s of articles about that topic is much more involved than one might expect.  In addition to rank your blog high for keywords that are relevant to your products and services, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only way to ensure you get the traffic that you need.  A quality blog will have great content and useful information that your customers want to read but without SEO your blog wont be found.  The best strategy for any website including a blog is to implement an SEO campaign for your blog that will ensure your website and blog will be found online, read by potential customers and create call to action for the best response and ROI.



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