What’s Your 2020 Social Media Strategy?

What’s Your 2020 Social Media Strategy?

January 21, 2020
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What's Your 2020 Social Media Strategy?

2019 was filled with marketers trying to get the most out ads on social networking sites. Publishing and promoting several types of content, trying out different target audiences, creating lookalikes all in the hopes of increasing exposure, and ultimately sales. But what worked, and what should be left in 2019? We’ll discuss ways you can improve your social media strategy for 2020.

Social Media Goals

The first thing to do is to look at the social media goals you targeted and how well you were able to lead social media readers and followers to complete those goals. Did your goals target getting more reach, visitors to your site, adding products to the shopping cart, checking out, or filling out a form?

If you had successful goals that helped move customers through your marketing funnel, be sure to notate them. For the unsuccessful campaigns, begin looking at the various pieces of the campaign to determine how you can improve the customer experience to help users feel more comfortable completing the goal. Do a complete review of

  • Audiences
  • Ad Copy
  • Calls to Action
  • Landing Page
  • Copy On Landing Page
  • Calls to Action on the Landing page

One thing to look for is ensuring that the same call to action used in your ads is the same call to action on your landing page. Another thing is to ensure that the ad copy relates to what the users will find on the landing page. Finally, was the audience you targeted the best group for that specific goal?

Types Of Social Media Campaigns

Next, you’ll want to look at the types of campaigns that were successful. Did your campaigns drive quality traffic to your website? Did you use social media sites for retargeting to your existing customer base? Did you use social media channels to share content from your content marketing strategy?

Reviewing the types of social media campaigns can help you to determine if you should diversify where you spend your time or money.

Often sharing and promoting content to the right audiences can grow your potential customer base and gain new followers. It can also help you to position you or your company as an industry leader. While retargeting those in your sales pipeline can help you drive sales and leads.

Take a look at which campaigns worked and what you can improve on in 2020 to reach your goals. Review what didn’t work and determine what you can do to make improvements to those types of campaigns.

Diversifying Social Media Platforms

Finally, take a look at the social media platforms you used to drive traffic, leads, and sales. Each platform can reach users in different ways. Did you take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Are there some that make more sense to use or drive more leads and sales? Should you be considering how to get more out Facebook ads? Your social media marketing plan needs to ensure that you look ed at specific platforms and what their return was for you and how they helped you achieve your goals.

For small businesses creating a social media strategy that drives results is critical. Using popular social media sites to reach active users, offer improved customer service and achieve their goals is crucial and if there is a platform that is not performing we need to take the time to figure out if it’s worth continuing to use it or place our efforts elsewhere.

Top Marketing Agency can help you create a robust social media marketing strategy for 2020. to get started, contact us today 888-843-9840 to get started on your 2020 marketing campaign today!


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