What You May Not Know About Email Marketing

What You May Not Know About Email Marketing

November 22, 2015
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Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication when it comes to marketing and sales, but there are a few common practices that can cause sales emails to not perform up to par. These types of common mistakes may be okay through a quarter, but to consistently make them can throw off statistics, and in the end, affect revenue negatively. The focus is to reach a broad spectrum of people – but also to have those recipients buy products. If they’re not purchasing products, then the marketing has failed.

What You May Not Know About Email Marketing

It’s best to keep email advertising lists small – with Gmail tools such as “report spam and unsubscribe” whenever a user wants to opt out, email sending programs can end up continuously sending to invalid or blocked addresses. If this goes unchecked, your “large” email list may only be sending to a few people. Make sure you are sending to folks that are engaged, and active.

A subject line is exceedingly important. It is perhaps one of the number one factors that can cause a recipient to actually open the email. Sales and marketing emails often get ignored, but just the right information included in the subject can lead to opening – and a purchase.

Just because an email has gotten to a recipient’s inbox does not mean that the end goal was achieved. Beyond reading, we want the reader to actually be a consumer. This depends on a lot of factors, such as timing of the email, click-ability to a website, and engaging content.

Many photographs and images within the body of an email do not necessarily lead to more purchases – in fact, too many images can make the email take a while to load, and in fact deterring customers from clicking through to the site. Keep images to a minimum, and keep them meaningful.

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