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Some web design firms limit the features that are included in a website.  At Top Marketing Agency, our streamlined process, customized designs and attention to detail have earned us numerous industry awards and positive reviews. Below is a list of some of the features and considerations that go into the websites that we create.

  1. Creative Planning
    1. Creative Brief – A unique, comprehensive brief to determine the goals, needs and approach that we need to take in solving the problems your current site does not solve.  Our brief is designed to make you think about your goals.
    2. Kick-off call to discuss your brand and goals
    3. Site structure
    4. Wireframe
    5. Tagline generation
    6. Illustrations & photography to match taglines
    7. Branding board
    8. Presentation link
    9. Meetings with clients to revise
    10. Revisions as needed to finalize
  2. Design
    1. Unique pages – true custom site
    2. Design of initial individual pages: Home page, sub-page (interior page), services landing (with a unique look and custom to your services), staff detail page with bio’s on your individual team members, about us landing (again not a bullet list), contact and/or directions page, gallery page, blog, and any other pages that will be relevant to your requirements.
    3. Again, unique pages – not just a two-theme page website.
    4. Design includes: imagery, typography, links, navigation, drop down navigation, rollovers, calls to actions, taglines, slides for home page and charts/graphs.
    5. One hour of logo design time
    6. Photo search time and editing
    7. Stock photos of up to 20 images, more are allowed at additional cost
    8. Organized PSD Layered Files
    9. Meetings with clients to finalize design
    10. Revisions as needed during design phase to finalize for build
    11. Details, details, details: design until you are happy (i.e., shadows, visual cues, color theory and more)
    12. Photography & Illustrations are included. Anything you send over is included too.
    13. Responsive Design For All Major Devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone)
  3. Content
    1. Review of site structure & content planning
    2. Content analysis and advising
    3. Publisher – We act as your content organizer
    4. Content Audit – Content from client reviewed and audited against site structure
    5. Content Placement
    6. Content Writing, Editing or Proofing Available at additional cost, unless included
    7. Blogging services are available at additional cost
    8. Search engine optimization available at additional cost
  4. Build
    1. Unlimited Pages in the Content System – We anticipate a website of 100 pages to start.  However, your content system can handle 1,000+ pages.
    2. Testing domain setup
    3. Use of Theme for easy updates (header, footer, sidebar, scripts)
    4. Hand coded CSS, HTML5, JS, and PHP
    5. W3C Validation
    6. WordPress
    7. Video Inclusion of up to 3 videos (customer provided), just ask for more.
    8. Calls to Action, Social Media, etc.
    9. Drop Down Menus
    10. Print Style sheet
    11. Contact Form w/ spam check and required fields
    12. Fav Icon
    13. 404 error page
    14. Redirects from previous web site
    15. Optimization of images, JavaScript, and other files.
    16. Browser testing:  Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
    17. Installation of any tracking codes needed for PPC, Tools, or Analytics
    18. Phone and email meetings with clients to finalize
    19. Revisions as needed during build to finalize site for launch
  5. State-of-the-Art Features
    1. Parallax animations
    2. Carousel rotations
    3. Collapsible menus and areas
    4. Pop-Up office animations
    5. Pop-Up maps
    6. Standard JS / CSS libraries
    7. Blog & RSS feeds
    8. CMS
    9. Calendars
  6. Social Media
    1. Social Media Widget
    2. Social Media Integration
  7. Contact Forms
    1. Short
    2. Long
    3. Validation
  8. Responsive Design
    1. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile responsive
    2. Color coded to your brand
    3. Auto-detect script for different devices
  9. Search Engine Optimization
    1. Clean, SEO-Friendly URLs
    2. Google Compliant Sitemap
    3. Custom Page Titles
    4. SEO Kick-Off Meeting
    5. Strategy:  Brainstorm, Research and Selection of Keyword phrases
    6. Site Optimization
    7. Title Tag Modification
    8. Meta Keyword Tag Modification, if needed
    9. Meta Description Modification
    10. Addition of Keyword Footer Links to Pages on Site
    11. Alt Tag Modification & Other Code Changes
    12. Removal of any “Splash” Entry Pages
    13. Submission of Client Website to Google Webmaster Central and Verify the Site
    14. Spam Check:  Hidden text, keyword stuffing, redirects and doorway pages
    15. 301 Domain Redirections and www used and not non-www
    16. Technical Modifications
    17. Custom 404 Error Page
    18. Robots.txt File Added or Modified
    19. Site Mod:  CSS/JS/HTML Sitemap and Google Analytics
    20. Content Guidelines
    21. Blog Post on our Blog on Launch & PR
  10. Analytics (when applicable)
    1. Webmaster Tools
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Sitemaps (HTML and XML)
  11. Top Marketing Agency Checklist of Testing
    1. Internal beta testing
    2. Fully tested web site in IE, Chrome, Firefox & Safari (PC & Mac)
    3. Web site punch list and testing link
    4. Punch list changes made for client
    5. Assistance with domain & DNS
    6. Assistance with email transfer
    7. Confirmation of contact forms
    8. XML sitemap
    9. Installation of Plugins on WordPress
  12. Launch
    1. Double Check Analytics & Forms
    2. Broken Link Testing
    3. Submission to CSS Galleries
    4. Submission to our Portfolio, Blog & PR
  13. Site Maintenance & Hosting
    1. Site maintenance is provided after 30 days is at $150 per hour, if part of the contract.
    2. Web hosting provided, if part of the contract.
  14. Other Features
    1. Communication: same day response time, sometimes same minute.
    2. Maintenance: same day updates
  15. Upgrades Available
    1. Content Writing or Editing
    2. Ongoing SEO
      1. More In-depth Research
      2. Additional On-Page Work
      3. Content Editing for SEO
      4. Submissions to Directories
      5. Link Building
      6. Ongoing Consulting and Analysis
    3. Internet Marketing
      1. Ongoing SEO
      2. Pay-Per-Click
      3. Local Search
      4. Social Media
      5. Display Advertising (ReMarketing & Behavioral)
      6. Newsletters
      7. Reputation Management
    4. Brand Development
      1. Logos
      2. Brochures
      3. Advertising
      4. Corporate Identity
      5. Other Print Components
    5. Applications
      1. E-commerce
      2. Web Applications

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