Web Design in Seattle

Web Design in Seattle

February 15, 2014
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Web Design in SeattleThe layout and content of your website determines how many repeat visitors any website will receive. From design to navigation, functionality, and content – all the information on your website provides the customer information regarding your services and the business itself.  First impressions matter, and if your website is not easy to navigate or visually appealing, you could be scaring off customers without even being aware. The following include a few suggestions as to web design dos and don’ts to help get your website on the right track.

Consistency of Branding –  Try to avoid using more then 1 or 2 different logos for your company identification on your website and social media platforms.  Customers can become confused when a variety of logos are utilized for one company, and will assume your company is disorganized and confused itself. It is important to use your primary company logo the same on all website and print platforms whenever possible to promote consistent branding and customer recognition.

Web Design/ Backgrounds – Select lighter colors as opposed to darker colors when choosing your website overall design and backgrounds. Darker colors can tend to look drab, and lighter colors tend to look brighter and more clean. Avoid using busy patterned textures and backgrounds and opt for a clean design with easy to find information through bold and pronounced imagery.

Functionality – If a consumer cant figure out how to use your website or access the information that they are looking for, chances are they will not be contacting you for service information. When testing your site, make sure everything works and directs people where they need to be going.

Social Buttons – Include social buttons on your website with links to your additional networks.  To develop a core following, direct consumers to your Facebook or Twitter pages where they can learn more about your services and follow updates and your activity on a daily basis.

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