Watch for 2016 Online Marketing Trends

Watch for 2016 Online Marketing Trends

The marketing industry is constantly evolving due to continual development of better technology and the countless ways individuals interact online. Next year, there will be at least 10 specific online marketing trends that business owners and marketing agencies should be watching to make certain that they are viable competitors in today’s market:

Online Marketing

  1. Live streaming. Videos draw more viewers than text.
  2. Digital assistants like Siri and Google Now are convenient for consumers.
  3. Instant Stories such as Facebook Instant Articles and Twitter’s Moments create engagement.
  4. Data collection and understanding of the information gathered.
  5. Social Media Advertising targets a specific market and encompasses a better online experience.
  6. DOOH or Digital Out of Home takes advantage of smart digital technology.
  7. Increased mobile traffic optimization.
  8. Better customer service with instant and engaging interaction.
  9. Premium content that is targeted via eye-catching headlines and text draws more traffic.
  10. GEO location can be shared with others.

It is crucial for company owners and internet marketers to remain abreast of current and upcoming trends in the business, including updated information in 2016. Keeping a close watch on forums within online news media can ensure that your business remains profitable and up-to-date.

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