Valuable Tips for Any Marketing Twitter User

Valuable Tips for Any Marketing Twitter User

June 9, 2014
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Social Media Marketing Twitter is a truncated version of social media which forces users to be precise in their messaging approach. It is immensely popular and despite its small messaging format, some power users can create significant followings. It also allows information to be distributed very, very quickly to all who are connected or subscribed. That makes Twitter a great social media marketing tool for companies interested in sharing products, services, promotions, or information. Here are five tips that every successful business should adhere to when it comes to Twitter online marketing:

1. Have a Reason to Exist – Your purpose for twittering needs to be clear and obvious. The more people understand what you provide, the more likely they are to follow your news stream. The Twitter account should have function and defined tool purpose in your marketing portfolio. Don’t just use it to say you Twitter and nothing more.

2. Provide Profile Information – Who are you? Why are you relevant? Providing a complete profile helps users and followers identify your Twitter account and associate a brand or face with the information. That’s invaluable for product recognition when it comes time to buy.

3. Get Fluent in Twitterese – Don’t bumble around in the Twitter-verse. Learn how to use the tool, how to write, and how to communicate. There are expected formats and rules to be followed, and the more fluent one is, the more effective he is at reaching the masses.

4. Connect with Extreme Selection – Don’t just let anyone come into your account world. Useless hanger-ons can be extremely problematic to remove. In the same vein, you should be very selective whom you follow. By controlling your connected population, your messaging can avoid being polluted by spammers or trolls.

5. Use a Hashtag Once a Year – Okay, you can use them more frequently, but be sparing. Hashtags are intended to compile conversations in Twitter into one collected group; it’s an identifier for searching. But not everything needs to be hash-tagged. Save the labeling for important conversations that deliver valuable information.

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