Using An SEO Audit To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Using An SEO Audit To Improve Search Engine Rankings

February 11, 2020
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Using An SEO Audit To Improve Search Engine Rankings

An SEO Audit is a review of your website across the landscape, looking at everything that the search engines look at to ensure your site has the ability to rank for the phrases you want to target. Why is an SEO audit important? We’ll cover the importance of an SEO Audit and how it helps to improve your search engine rankings.

Your Traffic Is Their Customers

Most people don’t realize this, but the traffic that you get from the search engine’s organic results is from the major search engine’s customer base. Meaning people pick a preferred search engine and use it because they are happy with the results that a particular search engine provides.

So if a search engine just started to show really poor results, the user may switch to another search engine should they find better results elsewhere. Google makes billions of dollars from advertisers spend based on Google’s loyal customers base of searchers turning to it multiple times each day to answer questions, find solutions, and go shopping.

Showing excellent results is very important to Google, so ensuring your site measures up to what they consider a great site will make a significant difference in your site’s ability to rank well for highly searched terms.


One of the key factors for Google is speed. A slow site is an abandoned site. No one likes a slow site. It creates a high level of frustration for website users if they’re trying to consume content on a slow site. We ensure that your website and content load quickly for your website visitors, which is also known to increase conversion rates.

Often a website is slowed down by things like a lack of optimization of their template or too many plugins, large images, or videos that need to have compression or just be optimized to provide a better experience. Our team ensures that your website gives fast exposure to your visitors.

Mobile Friendly

Did you know that all mobile or responsive sites aren’t mobile friendly? A site that is responsive can also take too long to load or have buttons or forms that aren’t friendly on mobile. Our team will help to identify the not so friendly areas of your website and address them to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

If your website is not responsive, we offer design services that can recreate your website in responsive design. Not having a responsive site in 2020 will quickly impact your website’s ability to perform in the major search engines.

Top Marketing Agency can help you with an SEO audit to improve search engine rankings, contact us today at (888) 843-9840 to get started.


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