Understanding the Benefits of our A/B Testing Service for Your Website

Understanding the Benefits of our A/B Testing Service for Your Website

June 10, 2013
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Often times, many business professionals and website owners stay away from A/B testing due to the common misconception that it is very technical and difficult to implement. In fact, we make the process of A/B testing very simple to implement with our A/B Testing Service. Our A/B testing provides one of the easiest ways to test changes to a website in relation to the current design and measure the conversion results in real time. This is in the hope of determining which design produces the results, after being tested by up to 1,000+ visitors.














 A/B Testing To Increase Conversions

Positive results here relates to your conversion rate (amount of leads generated) and/or user engagement (amount of time spent on the site). A positive result means there is an increase in your conversion rates, your customer engagement or both. As such, A/B testing provides a unique way of finding out more about your website visitors. So A/B testing allows you to figure out whether a new design or change to a part of your website will improve your conversion rate before you make the final decision of going through with that new design or change via your website’s coding.

Sadly, many website owners and marketing professionals fail to see the benefit of conversion rates to their sales equations. The customer insight is also very beneficial in this regard. Once the benefit of these two is realized, then A/B testing will be used more often.

A/B testing is therefore very useful in relation to website optimization as it eradicates the need to guess. So instead of wondering whether a change will work on a site, A/B testing will enable you to know that that change works or not. To be specific, when we speak about the impact of these changes, we are talking about downloads, sign-ups, purchases etc.

So when you think of asking why is there a need to constantly optimize your website; apart from the obvious reason that changes such as a new design keeps your website interesting and vibrant; website optimizations also promotes and increases leads, registrations, revenue, downloads, donations and user generated content.

As stated earlier, A/B testing allows website owners to receive valuable consumer insight. This way, they can learn about the visitors in terms of specific content on their website. A classic example is that repeat visitors may prefer different content from new visitors. It would then be the onus of the website owner to ensure that the website is optimized in a way where both new and repeat visitors can be satisfied.

When you decide to conduct an A/B testing, two versions of a webpage will be tested, versions A (the control) and B (the variation). The amount of live traffic each version receives will then be measured to prove which has a better conversion rate.

All in all, don’t play guesswork with your website because that can negatively impact your earning and visitor potential. Use our A/B testing service now and be in the know! You won’t regret it!


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