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August 27, 2011
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While the best Social Media practice it to employ both Twitter and Facebook (in addition to blogging!), there are those that prefer one over the other. Taking a look at the demographics is the primary reason for preference. Also the “noise” that accompanies either platform should be taken into consideration as well.


Having celebrated its 5th anniversary just this March, Twitter has proven itself an extremely effective social marketing tool for any business. Understanding the process can be difficult for traditional marketers, but the potential results are beyond reproach.

  • Twitter allows instant communication with your community. Less “noisy” than FaceBook, Twitter is strictly limited to discussing (within the limited character allowance) your company.
  • Twitter humanizes your company, with proper management, you can build a devoted community that will remain loyal to your brand
  • Twitter’s demographic is older and more worldly than FaceBook; if your target audience is post-college, this platform can be invaluable for driving traffic to your site organically
  • Twitter allows you to engage potential customers; the key is grabbing the attention of the right audience
  • Twitter’s platform allows instant reaction to any negative comments
  • Twitter, managed effectively, can be an invaluable marketing tool
  • The key to an effective Twitter campaign is maintenance, with relevant, engaging “mini-blogs”
  • Tweeting engaging content is as much an art form as public speaking; mindless prattle about products will fall flat


With over 750 million active users worldwide, Facebook has a reach far beyond Twitter. With such a diverse audience, one of the most effective ways to grow your FaceBook community is through Twitter links. Because FaceBook is more personal, using a combination of Twitter and FaceBook is usually a more effective media campaign.

  • FaceBook is geared to a younger audience than Twitter, so depending on the demographic requirements of your company, this may be a more effective platform
  • FaceBook has an e-mail alert option so you can respond immediately to posts
  • It is important that the community you cultivate on FaceBook is relevant – the last thing you need is 1,000s of followers that only “Hide” your posts
  • FaceBook has a number of tools geared toward businesses, if used effectively can drive relevant business to your site
  • FaceBook is a great platform to aid with brand awareness and defeating negative mentions on the Internet
  • Proper management is key to maintaining an effective FaceBook campaign
So Which Platform is Best?

Actually, neither FaceBook nor Twitter is the total package for social media marketing. It is strongly recommended that you allow proper management of an entire social media campaign drive business organically to your site. Top Marketing Agency can provide a full analysis of your current Internet presence and design a campaign to maximize your return on investment of a newly launched social media marketing campaign.

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