Top Website Design Trends for 2018

Top Website Design Trends for 2018

December 29, 2017
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Website design is always changing, and we have seen trends coming and going just as in any other creative work. With a strong focus on user experience and interaction, 2018 is sure to push the envelop in terms of web design. Let’s check out what’s predicted for web design in the new year.

1. End of Flat Design

Flat design has been trending as early as 2014, and is now predicted to fade out.

What is flat design? Put simply, it minimizes stylistic elements that create the illusion of being three dimensional – such as drop shadows, gradients, and textures – so that the design looks, well, flat.

Designers will be turning away from this trend for reasons beyond aesthetics, with some studies revealing a flat design took users 22% longer to navigate.

2. The Use of Video

Video remains one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers and to communicate complex ideas and information. However, video must be used wisely so it does not compromise other important elements of web design and user experience, including distractions and load speed. Video, like any other element, should be used strategically and in accordance with the goals of the website is hoping to achieve.

3. Scrolling Effects
Subtle scrolling, or parallax effect, can be a beautiful element of design, but has received pushback from web designers due to it’s propensity for slowing down load speeds and getting in the way of site usability. Parallax is when the background of the webpage moves at a slower rate to the foreground.

Even though it has its opponents, it can create a very engaging experience when done right. Check out an example on the homepage of our state’s iconic building, the Seattle Space Needle, as an example of parallax done well.

4. Ghost Buttons Fade Out
As web design increasingly focuses on results and accomplishing specific goals, it is no surprise that “ghost buttons” are trending out. Buttons are typically used to house calls-for-action, or CTAs, prompting the user to perform a specific action. Ghost buttons are too difficult to see, especially when placed on a busy background, and they simply don’t perform well, with some studies reporting a 20% drop in clicks.

5. Floating Menus and Fixed Navigation
Fixed, or sticky, menu navigation is becoming an increasingly popular design element, one we expect to see more of in 2018. This design feature describes the effect of having the main follow you down a page, or become fixed in place as you scroll. Some experts are pointing to the trend of floating menus, as well, where the menu appears to float in a fixed position on the page while the homepage artwork scrolls behind it.

You can check out an example on the website we created for client All Phases Construction.

6. Think Outside the Sharp, Square Box
You might see more of the sharp corners of boxed content disappearing in 2018. Rounded corners are going to be in style. Google is already catching on to this trend – take a peek at their rounded mobile search design they just rolled out in November 2017.

7. Animations
New tools are emerging to make the use of animations in design as simple as using basic image files such as a PNG or JPEG. Simple animations are expected to be used more commonly to facilitate story-telling and to lead consumers through the purchase process, especially for ecommerce sites. See an example of animations in action on new tool, Lottie, here.

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