Top Marketing Agency Discusses the Importance of Online Reputation Management

Top Marketing Agency Discusses the Importance of Online Reputation Management

October 28, 2011
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According the the Random House Dictionary (2011):

rep·u·ta·tion [rep-yuh-tey-shuh’n] noun:

  1. the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally
  2. favorable repute; goon name
  3. a favorable and publicly recognized name or standing for merit, achievement, reliability, etc.
  4. the estimation or name of being, having, having done, etc., something specified
For any business, Top Marketing Agency’s Online Reputation Management is crucial to keeping your business on top. Our experts can help your business with:
  • Reputation Building – especially important for new businesses, or businesses new to the online market, building a good reputation within your specific industry and with your customers is essential to becoming successful online.
  • Reputation Maintenance – even for established businesses with a good reputation within the online community, it is crucial to maintain your place in your industry.
  • Reputation Repair – inevitably, there is the chance for any business to experience a dissatisfied customer or malicious competition. Regardless the source, repairing your company’s reputation is critical when this happens.

How is My Online Reputation Managed?

Online Reputation Management is a time- and labor-intensive process that requires daily monitoring and upkeep. One of the key factors of a successful Online Reputation Management campaign is through Social Media Marketing (SMM). The goal of an effective Online Reputation Management campaign is to continually monitor any mention(s) of your company, brand, product or service and manipulate the ranking of the mentions, such that:

  1. Positive, or good mentions are ranked high in the search results
  2. Negative, or bad mentions are pushed as far down the rankings for search results. By pushing the negative comments (reviews, etc.) down the rankings, the mention becomes less visible to online users and will minimize the effect of that negative comment.

What Platforms Will be Used for Online Reputation Management ?

Top Marketing Agency’s Online Reputation Management specialists will track every mention of your business, brand, service or product and adjust every facet of your online marketing campaign to handle the mention(s) accordingly. Our Online Reputation Management experts understand the specific logarithms of each search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc.) and how to manipulate the ranking results to assure negative mention(s) are pushed beyond the first page of search results:

  • Social Networking: by utilizing the social media platform (Twitter, FaceBook, etc.), any negative comments can be addressed immediately
  • Blogging: blogs must be updated on a regular basis to achieve notoriety as the industry expert. Because Top Marketing Agency monitors your businesses mentions closely, the blogs for a specific mention can address any concerns. It is essential that your company blog represent your commitment to the customer.
  • Directory Listings: choosing the most effective keywords and key phrases for your company will assure that your business is listed correctly and regularly.

An Online Reputation Management campaign must be designed as a unique component to your business online marketing campaign. With Top Marketing Agency on your team, your Online Reputation will truly reflect your commitment to excellence.


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