Tips on How to Stop People from Leaving Your Website

Tips on How to Stop People from Leaving Your Website

February 28, 2012
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When you own a website, one of your biggest challenges is drawing traffic to your site. Yet, simply having traffic is not sufficient. Once you get the people to your site, you also have to keep them there. If you find that people are leaving your site after only viewing one page for a few seconds, you may want to look for, and then correct, these common errors.

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Ad Obtrusion

When ads are so obtrusive that users cannot get to the content they want to see, they are going to leave your site and look for their information elsewhere. Ads are a very effective way to monetize your site, but they should be strategically placed on the site so that they do not interfere with the readers ability to see the content.

Too Difficult to Navigate

Make your navigation links easy to find and put them in a logical place. Keep them consistent across the pages of your site. The user should be able to quickly and simply find whatever information it is he is looking for by using your links.

Old Content

The nature of the Internet is such that people expect current, relevant content. Outdated content, even if it is just a few months old, is going to drive viewers away. Blogs are excellent ways to generate frequent content without changing the main content on your site regularly.

Distracting Fonts or Colors

Make sure that the colors or fonts are not distracting. Remember, not all computers will display the same as yours does.Websites with neutral colors and easy to read fonts retain readers better than those with bright colors and fancy fonts.

Requiring Registration

Getting the contact information for your readers may be valuable to you, but many users are turned off by websites that require them to register before they can see anything. They are simply going to click away because they have no reason to stay. If you must ask for registration, provide a sample of the content before you do.

Site Is Not Engaging

If the content or design is boring, your site is going to make a poor first impression. People will leave and never come back. Websites that retain viewers are those who make an excellent first impression.

Blowing Them Away (Literally) With Audio or Video

Videos or audio clips on your site are nice, sometimes, but viewers want to decide if and when they will view these items. Blogs and websites that start playing videos or music the moment people enter are going to turn people away. Give your reader a choice.

Remember, Top Marketing Agency websites are designed with the user in mind, not the monetary goal in mind, typically do better in generating income because users will stay on the site. Take a good, hard look at yours, and ensure there is nothing driving your readers away.


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