There’s More to Responsive Web Design than You May Think

There’s More to Responsive Web Design than You May Think

October 3, 2016
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There's More to Responsive Web Design than You May ThinkAs business owners and operators, we all know that responsive web design is important in our increasingly mobile society. However, there is more to it than simply having your website be mobile user friendly. Just resizing the screen is not the only answer. If this is your only solution to responsive web design then you are likely losing customers and revenue and the success you have worked so hard to achieve.

The ultimate goal of a mobile web experience is loading speed. It should be lightning fast, since users have less patience than ever before to wait for a site to load. They would rather go elsewhere than wait, which means you lose a potential sale. There are additional strategies that can be used to enhance a viewer’s experience on any device, regardless of size, including:

  • All aspects of a website should be delivered to any device with the same content but different structures according to device size.
  • At the outset, a mobile approach first is best.
  • Testing on all size devices to ensure the user experience is optimal.
  • Improve performance with specific optimization techniques.
  • Take advantage of solutions such as an adaptive approach, conditional loading and responsiveness according to individual groups.

With the input and proven strategies of experienced professionals in responsive web design from Top Marketing Agency, you can trust that your website is accessible to your target market no matter where they use a device and no matter what its size. Call today for a consultation at (888)843-9840.



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