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A church is much more than a place for the congregation to learn about God. A church needs a vital, helping hand in the community, and that is exactly what The Rock Church does in Monroe, WA. With both worship services and youth groups and services held every week, The Rock is a vital part of the Monroe community. However, it’s always important to reach out to even more people. After the tragic loss of the original husband and wife pastor team in 2000, the new team of pastors needed a little bit of help getting the word out on the web. Every organization needs a strong presence on the web – especially a church – in order to bring more folks in to the service, especially struggling youth. With our help, we’ve improved The Rock’s website to not only aid the experience of the current congregation, but to help bring in new members.
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So, How Do You a Market a Church?

Sure, the new logo and website look great. But did they really help?

It can be a tough call to build a better brand for a site that’s not selling anything, such as a church or other nonprofit organization. What we’ve been able to do for The Rock has been to provide a 500% increase in both their social media and video presence on the web. The most important aspect of a church perhaps is its message – and now those messages are being heard on social media and across the internet with streaming videos and available content. A complete revamping and rebranding of the website was necessary in order to streamline the site to make it a more accessible place for all – for both current and new members.
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Video & Social Reach




Those are amazing results. How did we do it?

Results like these don’t just happen. They take a lot of planning and hard work.

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    Re-envisioned Messaging

    We developed a new sales message that better resonated with The Rock Church members.

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    Complete Re-branded

    From the logo to the tradeshow booth we updated everything to use the new messaging.

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    Lead Generation Focused Website

    We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.

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    Added SEO and Inbound Marketing

    We updated the entire online experience to focus on meeting the needs of our target audience.

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What Steps Did We Take?

In order to revamp the entire The Rock site, we had to take a look at all of the intricacies of the site. We changed the overall look to have it have a more responsive and friendly feel, and now it’s very easy to navigate, even on mobile. The content within the site relies heavily on SEO (search engine optimization), pushing The Rock to the top when someone churches for a church near their vicinity, Lastly, we also improved their social media presence on several different platforms, ultimately bringing potential users back to their website to find out more.
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  • +500%

    Video & Social Reach

  • +150%


  • +225%


  • -25%


  • +300%


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