The Power of First Page Placement on Google

The Power of First Page Placement on Google

February 19, 2015
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first placement on Google You may mistakenly believe that when your business appears online on major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing that you have “done enough” to make sure that potential clients know about the services or products that you offer. Unfortunately, it is simply not enough. Solely appearing in rankings does not grow your business.

It is crucial to make certain that your company is found at or near the first page of popular keyword terms on Google.  It’s also extremely beneficial when you have a keyword ranking in the top 3-5 first page organic results. Let us examine the tremendous power of first placement on Google through proper SEO strategies, and targeted SEO services, and how they can dramatically increase your business success.

The primary focus for reaching your target audience online should be strategizing to bring your website to the first page of search rankings, as this accounts for 8.9% CTR (click-through-rate).

Reaching the second page only has a CTR of 1.5%. After successfully attaining a listing on the first page of results, reaching one of the first three positions on the first page is critical to increasing your customer base. According to Optify, appearing in one of the first three organic places in a Google search leads to 58.4% of all clicks to the site. On the first page of results, place one takes 36.4%, place 2 receives 12.5% and third place garners 9.5% of the CTR.

Through extensive research, Graham Charlton from Econsultancy says that typically, almost 72% of searches lead to an organic click on page one. Only 5.5% of clicks are from pages two and three. In addition, being one of the first five positions on page one accounts for almost 70% of all clicks, while numbers 6-10 garner only 3.75%.

The odds of your site being selected by consumers during their online pursuits escalates considerably when you are one of the top three listed in a Google search.

Graph#1There are thought-provoking results when considering how SEO and SEM network within the SERP. As evaluated by AdWords, a study has shown that when paid listings are displayed alone, their CTR is 19%. Paid listings presented with organic listings increase the CTR in the entire SERP to 26%. Organic and paid listings together result in CTR of the paid listings rise to 26%. This means that searchers choose the paid listing more often than the organic one.

So, the more listings you have on the first page, the rate of your visits increases dramatically.

In conclusion, studies clearly demonstrate that the more listings you have on the SERP, the more likely a searcher will visit your website, and this occurs more often when your site is presented on the first page of search results. To take advantage of this success, you need an expert with a well-designed plan.


We are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to effectively increase your online clicks and ultimately bring more revenue to your company. To discuss the best methodology and practice for the power of first placement on Google for your website, contact the experienced marketing specialists at Top Marketing Agency at (888) 843-9840.


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