The Difference Between Rich Snippets and Schema Markup

The Difference Between Rich Snippets and Schema Markup

October 1, 2019
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The Difference Between Rich Snippets and Schema Markup

Your website can earn rich snippets on search engines with Schema markup. Click-through rates increase, and you get more visible search engine placement. How does this work? How are Schema markup and rich snippets different?

Schema markup is a method of coding that supports embedded qualities in a Google search. Rich snippets are a primary example of an embedded feature.

Schema Markup

Also known as structured data, Schema markup consists of HTML tags that are added to your website code. There are two main kinds of Schema data – JSON-LD and microdata. When Google crawls your site, it notes the additional data and ensures that specific information is featured when gathering results for your page on the web. Schema markup allows information like NAP or name, address, and phone number to be retrieved for accurate listings about your business. Data is much more challenging to display and is often less reliable when Schema markup is not used.

JSON-LD quickly makes changes throughout your site via more substantial code, while microdata highlights some aspects of a particular web page. Schema markup not only tells Google about what is on your website but also what the information means.

Rich Snippets

Using Schema markup results in rich snippets. The algorithm determines whether a search engine query would benefit from a rich snippet box. If it does, Google emphasizes the search engine results with additional information. This helps users find answers to specific questions. Some examples of rich snippets include:

  • Thumbnail photos
  • Google My Business ratings
  • Star ratings
  • RDFa
  • Microformats
  • Dates for events and their ticket prices
  • Ratings for recipes, calorie counts, and preparation times
  • Breadcrumb snippets

Utilizing specific formatting techniques like Schema markup increases your chances of having a search result display rich snippets with your website.

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