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An increasing amount of web traffic is coming from visitors using a smart phone or tablet, and it’s important to make sure your website is well optimized for those devices. If you’re website is responsive it will create a better user experience for your customers, and help your business convert more traffic to leads!

To test your site’s design, input your URL into the search box. If you have a responsive website, your website should look decent with each of the different sizes below. If your website is not responsive and you’re interested in creating a more user friendly site, contact us today at 425-905-2440 or email us at

320 pixels

The most popular cell phones have screen sizes close to 320 pixels wide. A smart Responsive Design for cell phones will include items like a simplified layout and a prominent call-to-action.

480 pixels

Many cell phones can be turned sideways, allowing for a wider screen. The most common "landscape" width for cell phones is 480 pixels wide. How does your site look?

768 pixels

Smaller tablets like the Kindle, Nook, Nexus, and iPad Mini have screens around 768 pixels. Visitors using these tablets spend a lot of time on your website. Are you ready for them? Let us know how we can help you get more visitors, increase visitor engagement, and increase visitor conversions.

1024 pixels

Typical desktop computers (as well as iPads and larger tablets) will display your website at this size. Is your website's design getting stale? Are you putting your best foot forward, providing the user experience your visitors need? You may be getting good traffic, but are you getting enough conversions? A high-quality, up-to-date website will help you bring in the new customers you need.

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