Targeted SEO through Online Marketing

Targeted SEO through Online Marketing

January 24, 2014
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business internet marketing solutionsSmall businesses and large corporations alike fail to truly recognize the significance of search engine optimization and the positive impact it can have on their business. Without a strong online presence, companies are failing to reach a large percentage of potential clients who may not even be aware that your company exists right in their own neighborhood.

Search engine optimization is a process of influencing a website’s presence within search engine results, such as Google and Bing. There are two types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO consists of appropriate HTML coding, quality imagery, with valuable and relevant content targeted specifically toward your customers and demographic. Off-page SEO consists of predominantly strategic back links, and its techniques will improve site rankings with overall traffic through search engines.

Jeff Sherman, current CEO of Top Marketing Agency, had been working within the local media industry; targeting client’s specific to automotive and used automotive sales. Over time, as he grew to learn more about his clients business and targeted demographic. Jeff could not help but notice that these businesses did not possess a strong online presence, if one at all. Knowing a fair amount of information through experience and targeted SEO campaigns specific to the automotive industry, Jeff suggested to one of his clients the benefits of targeted and localized SEO campaigns, in order to gain new business and promote return customers. Jeff provided key insight and suggested systematic ways in order for this dealership to facilitate its SEO strategies in-house. An online presence is necessary in today’s internet landscape to attract new customers for any business; especially a sales driven company such as auto sales where customers are searching for information and inventory on the internet daily.

It was important for the dealership to include high quality content within their website which was tailored directly toward the services their customers may be interested and to localize their efforts towards the areas they served.  Localized SEO is facilitated by specifically targeting the local area that any given company can draw from.  The auto dealership incorporated his suggestions, and over time they noticed a steady growth in calls and internet traffic. After seeing customer interaction and sales increase, they decided to hire Jeff as a consultant to solely develop, execute, and manage their SEO and online marketing strategies moving forward.

Today, Jeff Sherman with Top Marketing Agency has become a leader in online marketing and SEO strategy implementation and development, and has a roster of clients in multiple industries which include auto dealerships Nationwide. Top Marketing Agency has successfully developed proprietary in-house technologies that aid in determining trends through SEO and online marketing as they emerge. This enables their client’s campaigns to remain ahead and seemingly un-affected by the constantly changing SEO landscape.

“Throughout the ever changing technology advances and algorithms that are presented by Google and search engines alike, it’s important to keep up with today’s best practices and find new and creative ways to change your strategies to implement new plans at a moment’s notice.  The rule with search engines and SEO, is think about the end user first, they lead and we need to do everything in our power to make their experience better.”

Top Marketing Agency is a full service digital marketing company, specializing in providing results oriented business internet marketing solutions.


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